Abyss Shriek

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Blast foes with screaming SOUL and Shadow.
The Wraiths require SOUL to be conjured. Strike enemies to gather SOUL.

Function Damage
Location The Abyss

Abyss Shriek is a Spell in Hollow KnightSpells are magical active skills that complement The Knight's offensive and defensive capabilities. Each Spell is powered by SOUL and has a base cost of 33 required to cast. Abyss Shriek is the upgraded form of Howling Wraiths which releases a blast of souls upwards, damaging foes above and around the Knight. Abyss Shriek has a much larger hit box, deals more damage and hits more times.


Hollow Knight Abyss Shriek Function & Usage

Just as with the Howling Wraiths spell, Abyss Shriek releases a burst of energy upwards in a large, cloud-like formation, damaging opponents above and around the knight. It is performed by pressing the Focus/Cast or Quick Cast while holding Up on the D-Pad.

  • Abyss Shriek retains all the properties of Howling Wraiths, but now releases Shadows along with Souls resulting in a much more devastating attack which covers a larger area above the Knight.
  • The spell now deals four instances of damage in rapid succession, with each hit dealing a base damage of 20. The spell can now deal a total of up to 80 damage.
  • Abyss Shriek has a massive hitbox which is narrower at the base, but much wider in the middle and top of the cloud. In order to hit enemies with all four instances, it is best to release the spell on an enemy directly above the Knight.


How to Obtain the Abyss Shriek Spell in Hollow Knight

The Abyss Shriek spell can be obtained from a small room in the left-most section at the very bottom of The Abyss. In this room is a pedestal surrounded by stone statues depicting screaming faces, much like that of the Howling Wraiths spell.

Cast Howling Wraiths while standing on the pedestal and The Knight will float into the air, enveloped by and absorbing the shadows in the room.

This upgrades Howling Wraiths into the Abyss Shriek spell.


Hollow Knight Abyss Shriek Spell Modifiers

The Abyss Shriek spell can be modified by the following Charms:

  • Shaman Stone - Improves Abyss Shriek's damage by ~50%, increasing each hit's damage from 20 to 30 and raising the spell's total damage to 120 for all four hits.
  • Spell Twister - Reduces the SOUL cost to 24 per cast.


Hollow Knight Abyss Shriek Notes & Tips

  • The faces around the room with the pedestal can be struck with the Dream Nail which hints at how to obtain the Abyss Shriek spell. The line of dream dialogue reads "...Our voices... will cry out... again..."





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