Arcane Egg

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Mysterious stone egg from before the birth of Hallownest.

Relic from Hallownest's past. This item now holds little value except for those dedicated to the kingdom's history.

Arcane Egg is a Trade Item in Hollow Knight. It is a stone egg that according to Relic Seeker Lemm, contains a variety of knowledge and records within its layers - it originated from a civilization that even existed before the rise of the Kingdom of Hallownest.


Arcane Egg Usage


How to Find Arcane Egg

Location: The Abyss

  • 1 directly west of where Shade Cloak is acquired
  • 1 in the south part of the Birthplace (requires Kingsoul)
  • 1 located below the room where Lifeblood Core is located.

Location: Resting Grounds

  • Collect and give 1200 Essence to the Seer.


Arcane Egg Notes & Tips

  • There are four Arcane Eggs that can be found in the game.


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