Awoken Dream Nail

awoken dream nail ability hollow knight wiki guide

Allows the wielder to cut through the veil between dreams and waking. Can be used to reveal hidden dreams or open gateways.
The power of the Dream Nail has fully woken, allowing entry into certain protected memories.

Function Retains all Dream Nail functions and allows entry into the White Palace.
Location Resting Grounds

Awoken Dream Nail is an Ability in Hollow KnightAbilities are upgrades which impart various effects and skills that help The Knight traverse and interact with the environment in new ways. Unlike Spells, Abilities do not use SOUL or any other resources, but some may have short cooldowns or require resetting before being available for use again. The Awoken Dream Nail is the upgraded form of the Dream Nail, obtained after collecting 1,800 Essence. With it, the Knight can gain entry into the White Palace.


Hollow Knight Awoken Dream Nail Function & Usage

  • The Awoken Dream Nail can be activated by pressing down the DREAM NAIL button for The Knight to charge it before swinging it.
  • Similar to the Dream Nail, it is used to collect Essence, to enter dreams, and much more. However, it can now be used on the corpse of the Kingsmould located in the Palace Grounds to gain access to the White Palace.
  • This also allows players to unlock more dialogues from the Shade Cloak in The Abyss.



How to Obtain the Awoken Dream Nail in Hollow Knight

  • Collect 1800 Essence and speak to the Seer to upgrade the ability.


Hollow Knight Awoken Dream Nail Notes & Tips

  • The Awoken Dream Nail does not inflict damage but can be used to push back most of the enemies.
  • This can be used to instantly kill the Knight's Shade and Siblings.



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