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Bench checkpoints are needed to equip/unequip various Charms or regain health. The following are the actions that can be done at a bench and the events that occur on benches.

Benches are the checkpoint areas in Hollow Knight. They are found throughout the areas of Hallownest and act as the spawn points when The Knight dies.


Bench Usage

Benches are needed for making adjustments to your Charm build, regaining Health Masks, autosave, and more. The effects of "benching" are the following:

  • Autosave
  • Death spawnpoint
  • Modify Charm build
  • Replenish health
  • Update Map (requires Map and Quill)
  • Respawn Enemies
  • Respawn Lifeblood Cocoons
  • Refill depleted Soul Totems


How to Find Bench in Hollow Knight

  • Benches are scattered throughout the game's Locations (see individual location pages for details). On average almost every area you visit will have at least two benches.
  • You can purchase a Bench Pin from Iselda in Dirtmouth. Her shop will be closed until you've spoken to her husband Cornifer, beaten False Knight or progressed into the next area after Crossroads. With this pin, once you've  sat on a bench, its location will be automatically displayed on your map.
  • Some benches can only be accessed by paying a toll. Keep a small amount of Geo on your person while exploring new areas in case you find a toll machine.
  • Two benches in Hollow Knight are tied to specific conditions: one at Crystal Peak, where you will need to defeat a boss to bench, and one in Distant Village, where sitting on the bench transports you to Beast's Den.



Bench Notes & Tips

  • The appearance of benches varies based on the area you're in! Despite this you're unlikely to miss one, as whenever you approach a bench, a sign will helpfully prompt you to sit down.
  • The trap bench found in Distant Village has the same appearance as the one in Colosseum of Fools (minus the webbing). This type of bench texture is not used anywhere else in the game. While it may be pure coincidence, it could also be hinting at the way Colosseum acquires its combatants when there's a shortage of volunteers. The Knight never gets trapped in the Colosseum, but Zote the Mighty does.



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