Brumm is an NPC added in the DLC of Hollow Knight, The Grimm Troupe. Brumm is a member of The Grimm Troupe who plays the accordion.


Brumm Information

Brumm is a strange bug, an accordionist, and can be found just inside Grimm's tent. He is the most loyal member in the troupe and seems to care very much about Grimm, but later starts to question the harmless ritual of fiery rebirth made by his master, even though it does no harm to anyone and is part of a natural life-cycle. Brumm’s rebellious thoughts lead him to believing falsehoods and becoming prideful. Eventually, Brumm becomes a traitor to Grimm and tempts The Knight banish The Grimm Troupe from Hallownest if players choose to join him. 

  • Location: Brumm can be found at Dirtmouth, inside the Grimm Troupe's tent.
  • Progression: Brumm moves to the Distant Village if you choose to meet him and join him in his act of rebellion.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Brumm.
  • Rewards: Unlocks the Banishment Achievement/Trophy if you ask him to aid you in casting out the Troupe.


Associated Quests

  • Brumm appears with The Grimm Troupe, and gives the Knight advice throughout your journey to collect flames for the Grimmchild. When collecting flames from highest ranking Grimmkin, Brumm can be found in the Distant Village, with a free flame. When you take it, he says that he wants to banish the Grimm Troupe, revealing that he has become a traitor, and if you want to help him, then you can go back to Howling Cliffs. If you assist him in banishing the Troupe from Hallownest, when you go back to Dirtmouth, the Grimm Troupe will not be there, and you can find an NPC called Nymm (who is obviously the traitor Brumm in disguise) in the town, playing the Dirtmouth theme on his accordion.



Very good. The child burns with flame.

Master... is waiting for you. Mrmm.


Notes & Tips

  • The accordion Brumm plays resembles some kind of worm-like larva.



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    • I like Brumm when he’s a good boy. When he’s himself, and cares about Grimm as Grimm clearly cares about him, and he doesn’t rebel... It’s tragic when he randomly rebels and becomes a conniving traitor. Brumm becomes the deluded and self-absorbed “Nymm”, and that’s just awful... :(

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