Brumm is an NPC added in the DLC of Hollow Knight, The Grimm Troupe. Brumm is a member of The Grimm Troupe who plays the accordion.


Brumm Information

Brumm is an accordion player and can be found outside of Grimm's tent. He is the most loyal member in the troupe but later starts to question the rituals made by his master and its effects done on fallen kingdoms - his rebellious thoughts lead him to the idea that he and his comrades are only vessels to the Troupe and the ritual. Eventually, he helps The Knight banish The Grimm Troupe from Hallownest if players choose to ask for his help.

  • Location: Brumm Can be found at Dirtmouth.
  • Progression: Brumm moves to the Distant Village if you choose to meet him and ask for his help.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Brumm.
  • Rewards: Unlocks the Banishment Achievement/Trophy if you ask him to aid you in casting out the Troupe.


Associated Quests

  • N/A




Very good. The child burns with flame.

Master... is waiting for you. Mrmm.


Notes & Tips

  • The Accordion Brumm plays has limbs, which could be a living or dead bug.



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