Charm Lover Salubra

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Location Forgotten Crossroads

Charm Lover Salubra is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Charm Lover Salubra is a merchant who handles a Charm store.


Charm Lover Salubra Information

Charm Lover Salubra is a slug who seems to be unaware of the events happening outside of her shop. She believes that all the residents are still alive and that the Kingdom of Hallownest is still standing tall. She is one of the game's merchants who sell Charms and Notches. In order to find her, players will need to head southeast of the Forgotten Crossroads, defeat the boss Gruz Mother and acquire the Abilities Mothwing Cloak or Mantis Claw, this will allow you to close in on the gap to reach her shop.

  • Location: Charm Lover Salubra Can be found at the South-Eastern side of the Forgotten Crossroads
  • Combat: Players may not kill Charm Lover Salubra.
  • Rewards: After collecting 40 Charms, she will sell the Salubra's Blessing Charm for hollow knight wiki geo icon800.


Associated Quests


Charm Lover Salubra's Shop

Item Price (Geo)
Lifeblood Heart 250
Longnail 300
Steady Body 120
Shaman Stone 220
Quick Focus 800
1st Notch (after obtaining 5 charms) 120
2nd Notch (after obtaining 10 charms) 500
3rd Notch (after obtaining 18 charms) 900
4th Notch (after obtaining 25 charms) 1400
Acquire 40 Charms 
Salubra's Blessing 800



Ooooooooooooohhhhhhh, you surprised me! Hello, hello! Come in, sweetling! Come in and make yourself at home.

I'm Salubra, and this is my cozy little Charm store. Did the townsfolk out there tell you to come and visit me? Mmm, yes! This is a lovely little village isn't it? Warm and intimate and full of life.


Notes & Tips

  • While resting at a bench, Salubra's Blessing activates. After a few seconds, players will see Salubra's spirit floating above The Knight.
  • Salubra's shop can be accessed earlier than intended by deliberately dying nearby, then luring the Shade over and using a downward strike to bounce off it up to the ledge.



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    • I didn’t realize how truly unaware Salubra was of the state of Hallownest; I thought she was just super optimistic and had a peppy personality... Kind of sad for her in that sense, but at least she’s happy and living in peace and surviving just fine, just like Menderbug. Interestingly, they live in the same area, they’re neighbors! So perhaps they’re friends, and seeing as Menderbug is so happy with his humble life with his fellow menders in the Crossroads, Salubra’s attitude and her way of viewing the world around her might have been influenced by him? Just a thought...

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