Cowardly Husk

cowardly husk enemy hollow knight wiki guide
Location City of Tears
Watcher's Spire
Health 20
Drops hollow knight wiki geo icon11

Cowardly Husk is an enemy in Hollow Knight. The enemies are creatures that have succumbed into The Infection and has turned them into hostile beings who are determined to kill anyone who crosses their path. Acquiring the Hunter's Journal allows The Knight to acquire additional notes on an encountered and defeated enemy such as bits and pieces of lore, information on how to deal with the enemy, and information on The Hunter.


Former member of Hallownest's high society. Although made aggressive by the force inside, old instincts still occasionally compel it to run from danger.

The fearful, cowardly nature of these Hallownest bugs persists even after death! It almost feels shameful to chase and cut them down.


Cowardly Husk Location


Cowardly Husk Rewards

  • hollow knight wiki geo icon11


Cowardly Husk Notes & Tips

  • The Dream Nail can be used on this enemy, revealing what is in their mind.
  • These type of Husks mind its own business and only tries to attack if they are disturbed. It will try to run towards The Knight that deals damage upon contact or will try to flee - if they run into a wall, it will run towards the opposite direction.
  • A Cowardly Husk is shown to be Lurien the Watcher ‘s mysterious and devoted butler, still watching over him as he sleeps in the Watcher’s Spire. The butler is mentioned in Lurien’s hidden journal. He will run away from the Knight when approached, and will not attack. 
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    • I feel sad for Lurien’s butler, who is the non-aggressive Cowardly Husk found in the Spire watching over him so devotedly... Lurien is my favourite Dreamer - I love his role as a wise and noble spiritual guardian, and his utmost devotion to PK and Hallownest, but there is so little information about him, it is quite frustrating.

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