Crystal Heart

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The energy core of an old mining golem, fashioned around a potent crystal.

The crystal's energy can be channelled to launch the bearer forward at dangerous speeds.

Crystal Heart is an Ability in Hollow Knight. As players progress through the game, these skills that are categorized as abilities are acquired from completing tasks and are found from certain areas, these abilities help The Knight travel and survive the depths of Hallownest - abilities do not require SOUL to be activated.



Crystal Heart Usage

  • To activate Crystal Heart, hold down the SUPER DASH button while on the ground or hooked onto a wall for The Knight to focus on collecting energy. After releasing the button at full charge, The Knight will blast off and fly horizontally - allowing players to easily close in huge gaps.
  • The ability will be interrupted if The Knight hits a wall, takes damage from an enemy or environmental hazard, jumping, or by pressing the Super Dash button again.
  • Even though Crystal Heart is interrupted by landing on an enemy, it deals 10 damage. However, if the enemy is killed with this ability, The Knight will continue to fly across the screen until being interrupted.



How to Find Crystal Heart

  • Crystal Peak - first, you will need to acquire the Desolate Dive spell and Mantis Claw to traverse the area you will go to. The Lumafly Lantern, while not necessarily required to get the Cryatal Heart, is heavily reccomended for this area as you will not be able to leave Crystal Peak without it until you get the Crystal Heart. Head to the east bottom of Forgotten Crossroads towards the entrance leading to Crystal Peak and make your way to the top area where you'll find a brittle ground -  from here use Desolate Dive to destroy the ground where you'll be able to pave your way into Crystal Peak. Once you're in, head a bit east from the map and climb to the top of the map. From here, continue on the east where you'll be going around the map and will head back down to an area of an old mining machine with complex platforms. Continue heading east until you've reached the end where you'll find the Crystal "Heart" of a golem that is still beating.



Crystal Heart Notes & Tips

  • when sliding down a wall, using the crystal heart will freeze the player in place until release (if you press the Super Dash button halfway down a wall you wont continue to slide down and will instead stay stuck in place until you relase the button)
  • In the unfortunate circumstance that you enter Crystal Peak without the Lumafly Lantern you will be stuck in the area. Getting the Crystal Heart is the only way to get out of this situation since you can use the Super Dash to cross a gap that leads to Dirtmouth (the entrance to this gap is found in the same room Cornifer  appears in to sell you the Crystal Peak map)



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