Crystalised Mound is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Crystallised Mound is a sub-area within the Crystal Peak, it is a grotto that has been overgrown with crystals.


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Crystalised Mound Walkthrough

The Path to the Grotto

Upon acquiring the Crystal Heart ability, activate it to dash across the room heading west. You'll want to walk up to where a giant bug can be seen from behind then cling onto the wall followed by using the Crystal Heart ability to reach the Grub which is to your right. After freeing the Grub, head back down, head back outside, then drop down into the next section.

You'll want to drop down all the way to the bottom and through the path that has crushers. But before heading through that path, while sliding down the wall, you can dash through an opening midway where you can find a cluster of Geo that is being guarded by about 4x Husk Miner alongside 2x Crystal Crawler. Once you've collected the Geo, head back down to the path with the crushing mechanisms until you reach an exit that you can drop down into - you can continue going right and onto the conveyor with the crushers then back up where you'll find a chest containing Geo. You can easily go around by hitting the switch on the ceiling to unlock the gate next to it but you'll have to make another round trip and pass the crushers.

Upon reaching the exit that you can jump down to, you'll find another trapped Grub. Free it, then activate the switch on your right to unlock the gate. After that's done, head down two levels until you reach a section that you can enter that is on your right.

You should find yourself in a dark cave that has multiple elevated platforms alongside Crystal Hunters that are flying around and a Glimback at the end. You must have the Lumafly Lantern item to be able to pass, if you don't have it, you'll have to head back to Sly in Dirtmouth and buy it from him for 1800 Geo. To continue, head east by using the elevated platforms until you reach the next section - upon entering, use the Crystal Heart ability to cross the gap where you'll now find yourself at the entrance of the grotto. There is also a SOUL Totem next to it if you need to replenish your SOUL.

Acquiring the Descending Dark

Upon entering you'll come across a breakable floor, walk on it and then use Desolate Dive to break it. Upon reaching the bottom, destroy the wooden barricade to your right and make your way across by platforming and simply follow the path while avoiding or fighting the Crystal Hunter. Eventually, you'll come across a Shardmite and more elevated platforms. From here, you'll want to try to head to the top left, then midway upon reaching a safe surface, continue going up, only this time towards the top right to rescue another Grub.

Now, from where the Grub was, head back down the platforms, then onto the safe surface. You'll want to jump onto the elevated platform to your left then do a short jump followed by dashing to cling onto the wall. Climb up and walk on top of the wooden floor, hit it with The Nail to break it and you'll reach the corpse of the living Snail Shaman's fourth relative who is encased in crystals. Continuously strike the crystalized corpse until it breaks, and upon breaking it, you'll be able to consume the Descending Dark ability that upgrades the Desolate Dive ability. From here, you can head back outside to the entrance and drop down to the bottom that will lead you to the next location, the Resting Grounds.



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crystal peak map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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      There's another Grub that can be rescued past a few crushers in Crystal Peak. It was not included in the walkthrough at all and since this part of the walkthrough involves Crystal Peak as well I mentioned this here.

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