Desolate Dive

desolate dive spell hollow knight wiki

Strike the ground with a concentrated force of SOUL. This force can destroy foes or break through fragile structures.
The force requires SOUL to be conjured. Strike enemies to gather SOUL

Function Damage
Location Soul Sanctum

Desolate Dive is a Spell in Hollow KnightSpells are magical active skills that complement The Knight's offensive and defensive capabilities. Each Spell is powered by SOUL and has a base cost of 33 required to cast. Desolate Dive allows the Knight to quickly plunge into the ground from mid-air with such force, dealing damage upon landing. It also has applications in exploration.


Hollow Knight Desolate Dive Function & Usage

The Desolate Dive spell causes The Knight to perform a short leap into the air before forcefully diving into the ground while enveloped by SOUL, emitting a large shockwave upon landing. It is performed by pressing the Focus/Cast or Quick Cast while holding Down on the D-Pad.

  • Desolate Dive has two separate hitboxes; The dive which deals 15 damage to anything the Knight touches on the way down, and the shockwave which deals 20 damage in a wide area around the point of impact, dealing a total of 35 base damage to an enemy if both hits connect.
  • Desolate Dive can be performed both on the ground and in the air. When cast on the ground, it has a very brief start-up time as the Knight will perform a short leap before diving. This start-up time is absent when performed in mid-air, and manually making a very small jump and then casting the spell will activate it a few frames faster.
  • The spell provides ~0.4 seconds of invincibility frames both during and after cast, allowing the Knight to avoid damage with skillful use. Combined with the Shade Cloak, the Knight is afforded even more invincibility frames, allowing them to dive directly into a large enemy and dash out of their hitbox without being harmed.
  • Desolate Dive has a secondary application in exploration, allowing the Knight to break through certain floors, typically those with a crack or other similar structural weakness. This unlocks new pathways and allows the Knight to head deeper into Hallownest. A single dive can destroy multiple such floors, as long as they are on top of each other.
  • Desolate Dive can later be upgraded into the Descending Dark spell.


How to Obtain the Desolate Dive Spell in Hollow Knight

The Desolate Dive spell is acquired by defeating the Soul Master found around the top levels of the Soul Sanctum, a sub-area located in the City of Tears.


Hollow Knight Desolate Dive Spell Modifiers

The Desolate Dive spell can be modified by the following Charms:

  • Shaman Stone - Improves Desolate Dive's damage by ~50%. It increases the damage dealt by the dive portion from 15 to 23 and the shockwave portion from 20 to 30, taking its total damage dealt from 35 to 53.
  • Spell Twister - Reduces the SOUL cost to 24 per cast.


Hollow Knight Desolate Dive Notes & Tips

  • Desolate Dive can be used when the Dung Defender burrows underground, forcing him out and staggering him.





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