Distant Villagers

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Location Beast's Den

Distant Villagers is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Distant Villagers are civilians who seem to be residents of the Distant Village of Deepnest.


Distant Villagers Information

There isn't much information as to who the Distant Villagers are, but these civilians seem to show hospitality towards The Knight, asking them to "sit and take a rest" whenever you speak to them. These royalty looking bugs are encountered at the entrance of the Beast's Den, where if you rest on the bench, after a few seconds, The Knight will realize they are stuck to the bench and the villagers will start to close in while a distorted music starts, the screen begins to fade into black, followed up by a loud roar and The Knight will awaken all tangled up in the Beast's Den. After escaping the area, you'll find these "villagers" have left the area, leaving their cloaks and masks.

  • Location: Distant Villagers Can be found at the Beast's Den
  • Combat: Players may not kill the Distant Villagers.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



  • We are friends. Welcome. Sit and rest.
  • It is warm and safe. Sit and rest.
  • Greetings. You are very tired. Sit and rest.


Notes & Tips

  • Right below the room where the Villagers are, another cocoon can be found where dead husks are wrapped up in a web. Hitting these corpses with the Dream Nail will give you a warning dialogue about the villagers saying: "...They lied...", "...Not friends...".
  • Distant Villagers are among the few NPCs that cannot be Dream Nailed.



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