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Location Dirtmouth

Divine is an NPC added in the DLC of Hollow Knight, The Grimm Troupe. Divine is the source of upgrading the Fragile Charms obtained from the Leg Eater to its Unbreakable version.


Divine Information

Divine is a very strange insect (resembling a caterpillar or termite queen) who arrives in Dirtmouth along with the rest of The Grimm Troupe. It can be found inside a small separate tent in Dirtmouth, where players can request for its service to consume Fragile Charms and upgrade it into its Unbreakable counterpart in exchange for Geo.

  • Location: Divine Can be found at Dirtmouth.
  • Progression: Divine disappears if the player chooses to banish the troupe
  • Combat: Players may not kill Divine.


Associated Quests

  • The Grimm Troupe
  • If a player chooses to help Brumm and banishes the troupe, Divine will disappear as well, leaving a currently consumed Fragile Charm. You will be unable to obtain unbreakable charms.
  • If you choose to follow through the fire ritual and help Grimm, Divine will remain in its tent where you can still obtain the unbreakable charms.


Divine's Charms Price List

Players must first obtain the following Fragile Charms from Leg Eater before speaking to Divine. The price listing is noted below.




Did you call us? You called us, and we came. We came!

You don't look scared. Why did you call us?

Ahhh. It doesn't matter. Don't tell me.

We came, and I can smell something. Something deep below us. I want it... I want it!


Notes & Tips

  • Due to her fondness of the scent of a Fragile charm and consuming them, if you speak to Leg Eater after obtaining all three Unbreakable Charms, he will head to Divine. Afterwards, when you visit Divine, all that's left are his claws, which implies that Divine has eaten him.



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