Dung Defender


Location Royal Waterways

Dung Defender is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Dung Defender is a Dung Beetle that has been exiled and was one of the Five Great Knights of Hallownest.


Dung Defender Information

Dung Defender or better known as Ogrim, who used to be one of the most loyal warrior of the Five Great Knights of Hallownest is first encountered as a boss at the Royal Waterways, he mistakes The Knight to be an enemy and initiates a battle. After defeating him, he will apologize and mentions The Knight's worthy and is capable of saving Hallownest. If players successfully defeat all three Dreamers, he will move to his cave where you will find him sleeping - this will give players the change to use the Dream Nail to enter in his dream and challenge the White Defender. Right after fighting the White Defender five times, he will wake up and mentions how he can picture The Knight to be worthy to be with the greatest heroes. After leaving the area and returning, the Dung Defender will no longer be found and leaves a dung figure crafted into the Knight's likeness

  • Location: Dung Defender Can be found at the Royal Waterways.
  • Progression: Dung Defender moves to his cave in Royal Waterways after defeating the three Dreamers.
  • Combat: Players may not kill the Dung Defender.
  • Rewards: Defeating him rewards you with the following:


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Oh, it's you again. I'm glad to see you return.

No, no, please... Don't say a word. I must apologise for my previous behaviour.

Entirely my fault. I mistook you for one of those mindless skulking husks, yet you bested me in the most majestic knightly fashion.

Such joyful, vigorous combat. I'd almost forgotten the feeling.

I was once a Knight you see. By the grace of our good King, I stood proudly before the throne, watching Hallownest swell to greatness.

Then that nasty business with the affliction...

We knights defend against the physical, but a formless enemy. How to defeat such a foe?

Our King tried in his own way. A cruel means it was... And still, eventually, we were brought low.

Bah! I shouldn't be so morose. You've invigorated me. 'Tis truly a delight to meet one whose strength can match my own.


Notes & Tips

  • At the ground below the switch that unlocks Isma's Grove at the east side of his arena, there is a fragile ground that can be destroyed by using Desolate Dive or Descending Dark. Doing so, you can find a hidden cave with Dung statues of the Five Great Knights along with The Pale King and a King's Idol.



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