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Location Dirtmouth

Elderbug is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Elderbug is the oldest resident of Dirtmouth who gives advice to those who speak to him.


Elderbug Information

Elderbug is the oldest bug and resident of the fading town of Dirtmouth, and the first NPC The Knight will encounter. He was not present in Hallownest during the fall of the kingdom and the spread of The Infection, though he knows some information about it. During your first encounter with him, he mentions that the previous residents of Dirtmouth have fled towards the depths of Hallownest, and warns The Knight to take extra caution when descending. Elderbug also tends to be quite pessimistic. He enjoys seeing new residents in town (such as Bretta and the shopkeepers). However, he will express fear of the Grimm Troupe when they arrive. His pessimistic attitude improves when he is given a Delicate Flower.

  • Location: Elderbug Can be found at Dirtmouth
  • Combat: Players may not kill the Elderbug.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Ho there, traveller. I'm afraid there's only me left to offer welcome. Our town's fallen quiet you see.

The other residents, they've all disappeared. Headed down that well, one by one, into the caverns below.

Used to be there was a great kingdom beneath our town. It's long fell to ruin, yet it still draws folks into its depths.

Wealth, glory, enlightenment, that darkness seems to promise all things. I'm sure you too seek your dreams down there.

Well watch out. It's a sickly air that fills the place. Creatures turn mad and travellers are robbed of their memories.

Perhaps dreams aren't such great things after all...


Notes & Tips

  • During the Delicate Flower Quest, players can choose to give the flower to him.
  • If players choose not to speak to him during the first encounter, he will reach out and emit a gloomy cry when passed by and ignored by the Knight. When approached afterward, he will comment that he was worried that he had faded away when speaking to him.



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    • I personally completely lost all respect for Elderbug after hearing him judging and hating on Grimm and his Kin. He doesn’t even understand Grimm and should keep his old trap shut - he’s so selfish. It would be hilarious and quite appropriate if Grimmchild spat fireballs at him like he does to Millibelle the Thief when equipped.

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