Endings for Hollow Knight features guided information about the game's conclusion. This page covers all the possible Endings to Hollow Knight that players can attain by completing the Main Campaign while detailing other necessary objectives, impactful choices to make, items and equipment to collect in order to achieve a certain outcome. Also included is a Frequently Asked Questions section pertaining to the game's Endings.

SPOILER WARNING: As this page deals with the Endings to Hollow Knight, readers beware that SPOILERS may be disclosed here which may affect your enjoyment of the game without prior knowledge of events discussed. Read on at your discretion.

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Hollow Knight Ending FAQs & Notes

How many Endings are there in Hollow Knight?

  • There are a total of 5 Main Endings and 1 Secret Ending in Hollow Knight. Two of the five Main Endings require the Godmaster Content Pack which is free and therefore, all Endings are available to all players.

Are there any missable Endings in Hollow Knight?

  • Yes. Ending 1: The Hollow Knight is locked out for the current playthrough after obtaining the Void Heart charm. Void Heart is obtained after using the Kingsoul charm to unlock the Birthplace at the very bottom of The Abyss. Kingsoul will then be replaced by Void Heart. If you wish to unlock this Ending, you must defeat The Hollow Knight at the Temple of the Black Egg before attempting to unlock the Birthplace.

Can I get all Endings in one playthrough of Hollow Knight?

  • Yes, it is entirely possible to unlock all 6 Endings to Hollow Knight in a single playthrough, and on a single save file. However, you must obtain Ending 1: The Hollow Knight as early as possible. As noted above, obtaining the Void Heart charm will lock this Ending out of the current playthrough.

Is there a "Point of No Return" in Hollow Knight?

  • Aside from the prerequisites pertaining to Ending 1: The Hollow Knight, there is no real "Point of No Return" in Hollow Knight. After obtaining any Ending in the game, you will have a save file which can be loaded to bring you back to the last Bench that you rested on. This file will have recorded the Final Bosses you have defeated in your Hunter's Journal but will return you to the state before they were defeated. The Final Bosses will be alive once more, allowing you to challenge them again with different conditions in order to obtain another ending.


All Endings in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Ending 1:

The Hollow Knight

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Conditions & Prerequisites

To acquire this ending, simply head straight into the Temple of the Black Egg after destroying the three Dreamers and breaking their seals. 

Important!: This Ending will be locked out for your playthrough as soon as you acquire the Void Heart charm.


After defeating the Hollow KnightThe Knight absorbs the Infection and becomes the new Hollow Knight in his brother’s place. The Knight then becomes sealed inside the Temple of the Black Egg and the game ends.


Hollow Knight Ending 2:

Sealed Siblings

sealed siblings ending hollow knight wiki guide 600px



 Conditions & Prerequisites

This Ending requires you to have acquired Void Heart by opening the entrance to the Birthplace at the bottom of The Abyss using the Kingsoul.

With Void Heart in hand, head into battle against the Hollow Knight and Hornet will appear near the end to help pin the boss down. While the Hollow Knight is restrained, strike at him with normal attacks or simply wait it out while avoiding use of the Dream Nail. The boss will eventually break free, knocking Hornet unconscious and the fight will continue as normal.


After defeating the Hollow Knight, events will play out just as they did in the first Ending where The Knight absorbs the Infection, becoming the new Hollow Knight in place of his brother but with one addition: Hornet is also sealed inside the Temple of the Black Egg, with her mask carved on the door just as the Dreamers' masks were.


Hollow Knight Ending 3:

Dream No More

dream no more ending hollow knight wiki guide 600px



Conditions & Prerequisites

This Ending has similar prerequisites to Ending 2. However, close to the end of the fight with the Hollow Knight and while Hornet has him restrained, you must use the Awoken Dream Nail on the boss. This will transport you into the dream world where The Radiance is imprisoned. Defeat her to trigger this Ending.


After The Radiance is defeated, The Infection is cleansed from Hallownest, with the Black Egg disappearing from the temple. Hornet then wakes up to find The Knight's mask on the ground, split in half and implying his death. The scene then cuts into The Abyss where the Siblings and Shades look up at the world above before finally finding rest as they vanish into the ground.


Hollow Knight Ending 4:

Embrace the Void

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Conditions & Prerequisites

To acquire this ending, you'll first have to meet Godseeker in the Junk Pit, enter the dimension in his dreams known as Godhome. In Godhome, you must work your way up through the different Pantheons and unlock the fifth and final Pantheon of Hallownest where you can challenge the Absolute Radiance. You must also refrain from giving the Delicate Flower to the Godseeker


After defeating the Absolute Radiance, the Void Entity (Shade Lord) will proceed in destroying the Absolute Radiance. Afterward, you'll see the Void raining down inside Godhome. The Godseeker looks up as the black inky Void substance rains down on the place. The Shade Lord wraps the Godseeker in his tentacles, then the scene cuts where it shows the physical body of the Godseeker located at the Junk Pit, as it leaks out Void and slowly covers him in this black substance, and then black tentacles start to burst out of his body.

The scene then cuts to Hornet inside the Temple of the Black Egg. Hornet readies her guard as an unknown figure appears before her. 


Hollow Knight Ending 5:

Delicate Flower

delicate flower ending hollow knight wiki guide 600px



 Conditions & Prerequisites

This Ending's prerequisites are the same as Embrace the Void, with the exception of requiring you to give a Delicate Flower to the Godseeker.


Events in this Ending play out almost exactly as those of Embrace the Void with some minor changes: As you see the Godseeker leak out the black substance within him, he will appear to be holding the Delicate Flower that you gave him. Both the Godseeker and the Void disappear, leaving only the Delicate Flower on the ground.

The scene is then followed with Hornet again being inside the Temple of the Black Egg, readying herself as an unknown figure approaches.


Hollow Knight Secret Ending:

Passing of the Age

passing of the age ending hollow knight wiki guide 600px



To unlock this secret ending, you'll have to complete all of Mister Mushroom's quest in a certain order.

Once you've completed all of Mister Mushroom's quest, you will now have unlocked this secret ending that will play out after you beat the game. The scene will show Mister Mushroom flying into the sky, and it finishes off with "To be continued" displayed on the screen.



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