Eternal Emilitia


Location City of Tears

Eternal Emilitia is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Eternal Emilitia is a bug who used to be notable in Hallownest but was later cast out by her associates.


Eternal Emilitia Information

Eternal Emilitia is a poised yet mysterious bug that can be found laughing and admiring her riches in her hidden room at the City of Tears. She used to be popular who carried a well-known image in Hallownest but at some point was cast out, leaving her no choice but to flee to the City of Tears.

  • Location: Eternal Emilitia Can be found at the City of Tears
  • Combat: Players may not kill Eternal Emilitia.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Ah, what a surprise! It's not often I receive visitors. It's been so long. Ages even. I just hope my manners haven't left me. You've no doubt sensed my affluence. You're right to guess, I'm renowned amongst the upper caste of Hallownest.

...Well I was... once, until those cretins cast me out. Have you met them, my former fellows? That's them outside, their bodies shambling around all mindless and empty. And I'm still alive to witness their pathetic demise.

Ahhh, I'm just so happy. Fate can be a wonderful thing.


Notes & Tips

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