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Focus collected SOUL to repair your shell and heal damage.

Strike enemies to gather SOUL.

Focus is a Spell in Hollow Knight. All Spells consume 33 SOUL and lessen the cost to 24 SOUL if the Spell Twister charm is equipped. Focus is used to recover health from taking damages.



Focus Usage

  • Hold the FOCUS/CAST button to consume SOUL and recover The Knight's health of 1 mask per 33 SOUL. As you continue to hold down FOCUS, The Knight will continue to recover its health mask until it is full or if all the SOUL is consumed. Taking damage from environmental or enemy attacks will interrupt FOCUS. 



How to Find Focus

  • It is the default spell The Knight starts at the beginning of the game.



Focus Notes & Tips

  • Equipping certain Charms can modify this spell:
    • Deep Focus: recovers 2 health masks.
    • Baldur Shell: provides minimal protection while using FOCUS.
    • Joni's Blessing: converts health masks into lifeblood masks; does not recover health.
    • Quick Focus: recovers health faster.
    • Hiveblood: recovers 1 health mask without using FOCUS.
    • Spore Shroom: emits a damaging cloud after executing 1 burst of FOCUS.
    • void heart: a low chance to heal two times.



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