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Focus collected SOUL to repair your shell and heal damage.
Strike enemies to gather SOUL.

Function Healing
Location Starting Spell

Focus is a Spell in Hollow KnightSpells are magical active skills that complement The Knight's offensive and defensive capabilities. Each Spell is powered by SOUL and has a base cost of 33 required to cast. Focus allows the Knight to recover lost health both in and out of combat.


Hollow Knight Focus Spell Function & Usage

The Focus spell allows The Knight to regenerate lost health by consuming gathered SOUL and is used by holding the Focus/Cast button.

  • Focus has a base healing rate of 1 Mask per 33 SOUL consumed.
  • The spell has a start-up time of 0.25 seconds and takes ~1.14 seconds to heal the first mask.
  • The Knight can continually heal by maintaining hold of the Focus/Cast button as long as they have 33 or more SOUL. Each subsequent tick of the Focus spell after the first takes ~0.89 seconds, bypassing the start-up.
  • Focus can be interrupted by getting hit while casting. When the Knight is interrupted during a Focus cast, any SOUL consumed is wasted, therefore it is imperative that you wait until you have an opening before attempting to heal. Note that the Baldur Shell and Carefree Melody charms do not protect the Knight from interruption during a Focus cast.
  • Focus can still be used while at full health, wasting the SOUL used on the cast.
  • Unlike the other Spells in the Knight's arsenal, the SOUL cost of Focus is not affected by the Spell Twister charm. However, there are other charms that can affect this spell's efficacy. See the Modifiers section below.


How to Obtain the Focus Spell in Hollow Knight

Focus is the default Spell available to The Knight from the very beginning of the game. There is a Lore Tablet in King's Pass that explains its usage but the spell can still be activated before coming across and interacting with the tablet.


Hollow Knight Focus Spell Modifiers

The Focus spell can be modified by equipping the following Charms:

  • Quick Focus - Increases Focus speed by 33%.
  • Deep Focus - Each tick of Focus heals 2 Masks but increases cast time by 65%.
  • Shape of Unn - Allows the Knight to move while casting Focus.
  • Joni's Blessing - Converts all Masks into Lifeblood Masks which prevents the Knight from healing with Focus.
  • Spore Shroom - Releases a damaging cloud of spores around the Knight when casting Focus.
  • Baldur Shell - Prevents damage while casting Focus. Note that this does not prevent spell interruption, which can still cause the Knight to waste SOUL, making the charm's usefulness questionable.


Hollow Knight Focus Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes & Tips for the Focus spell go here.






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