Fungal Core

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Main Location Fungal Wastes

Fungal Core is a Sub-Area Location in Hollow Knight. Fungal Core can be found within the Fungal Wastes. The various locations and sub-areas of the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest feature a variety of objectives, quests, and secrets that need to be uncovered, as well as NPCs and hostile characters that are encountered through your journey.


Fungal Core Information

  • Fungal Core can be found within the Fungal Wastes.
  • Fungal Core is a small area with several hidden tunnels which is accessible after acquiring the Monarch Wings. Its main features are a Lore Tablet which can be read with the Spore Shroom Charm equipped, and a big mushroom corpse which can be Dream Nailed.
  • The bottom of the zone leads to a hidden Mask Shard in Deepnest.


Items Found in Fungal Core


Characters in Fungal Core

  • N/A


Enemies and Bosses in Fungal Core


Fungal Core Notes, Trivia and Notable Loot

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.


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