The currency of Hallownest, made from fossilised shells of various forms..

Geo is the currency used Hollow Knight throughout Hallownest. It is used to trade and exchange for Items from various NPCs and merchants. It is obtained by defeating Enemies, opening chests, destroying Geo deposits, rescuing grubs, and completing trials.



Geo Usage

  • Geo is mainly used for purchasing items, abilities and paying off tolls, and are collected in different values.
  • geo-1-currency-hollow-knight-wiki-guide-44px - 1 Geo
  • geo-5-currency-hollow-knight-wiki-guide-44px - 5 Geo
  • geo-25-currency-hollow-knight-wiki-guide-44px - 25 Geo
  • hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon 1560 for Stag Stations
  • hollow_knight_wiki_geo_icon 800 for Bench Tolls




How to Find Geo

  • Defeat Enemies
  • Open Chests
  • Selling Items
  • Rescuing Grubs
  • Completing trials and taska



Geo Notes & Tips

  • The maximum capacity for Geo is 9,999,999.





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