Great Slash


The signature Nail Art of Nailmaster Sheo. Unleashes a huge slash directly in front of you which deals extra damage to foes.
Location: Greenpath
Acquired from: Nailmaster Sheo

Great Slash is a Nail Art in Hollow Knight. Nail Arts are abilities that are taught by Nailmasters. Nail Arts simply is a stronger version of a basic attack that is executed in multiple attacks - its overall damage depends on the type of Nail that is equipped.


How to use Great Slash

  • Great Slash executes a powerful slash.
  • Hold down the attack button to charge and release it without pressing the Up button or using dash.


Where to find Great Slash


Great Slash Damage

The damage dealt by a Nail Art depends on the type of Nail that is equipped, listed below is the damage value of each Nail.


Great Slash Notes & Tips

  • There are only three Nail Arts that can be learned from the Nailmasters.
  • Equipping the Nailmaster's Glory Charm reduces the time to charge Nail Arts.
  • Equipping the Fury of the Fallen Charm strengthens the damage of the Nail Arts



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