Grey Mourner

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Location Resting Grounds

Grey Mourner is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Grey Mourner pitifully expresses the loss of her lover and wishes for a delicate flower to be delivered to the grave.


Grey Mourner Information

Grey Mourner is known as Ze'mer who is supposedly one of the five great warriors and served under The Pale King's regime. After finding her mansion at the Resting Grounds, players will learn that she is in a sorry state, still mourning for the loss of her lover - the child of the Traitors. She reaches out to The Knight to deliver a delicate flower to the child’s grave. Successfully delivering the undamaged flower to the grave rewards the player with a Mask Shard. The Grey Mourner then perishes after the quest is complete. 

  • Location: Grey Mourner Can be found at the Resting Grounds
  • Combat: Players may not kill the Grey Mourner.


Associated Quests

  • Delicate Flower (Quest): Speak to the Grey Mourner and she will ask you to deliver a Delicate Flower to her lover’s grave in the Queen's Gardens. If a player gets hit by an enemy, uses The Stag for fast travel or teleports via the Dreamgate - the flower will wither into a Ruined Flower. To gain another Delicate Flower, return to the Resting Grounds and speak to the Grey Mourner. Successfully delivering a Delicate Flower to the grave completes the quest, rewards players with a Mask Shard and unlocks the Solace Achievement/Trophy.



Ahhhh.... Me'hon. This world. This cruel, sinful world. Why does che' wake? Why does che' persist? Ahhh Le'mer, you could not know of tragedy as complete as che's, true lovers stripped apart, two worlds that could not meet. And now meled'lover, dead so long in time. Dead, so far away. Buried, moina? Ai.

Amongst its hateful kin that did deny our union, that did reject che's... outside-ness. She doesn't suppose?... Nahlo, Nahlo. Could che' ask? Could che' burden? 
Che' asks perhaps impossible things? Mad things? For Le'mer to take up such quest would be a kindness che' has near forgotten.


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    • A really pathetic character... People laugh at poor Zote, but not this awful shaggy wet sheepdog who claims she is (or was) a great warrior, but can’t deliver a flower to her mantis boyfriend’s grave? At least Zote shows *some* skill and potential - he made it around Hallownest in one piece (albeit with some help from the Knight in tough spots, but he is definitely competent in getting around, and at least provides comic relief and is lovable in his grumpiness). Ze’mer just sits there all wilted in her mansion, babbles on and on in a flipping weird dialect, wails pathetically over the far distant past, begs the Knight to deliver the flower for her, then dies. I understand it’s a quest, and I’ve done it. It’s not the quest, but the character herself; Ze’mer is just an awful, cringeworthy character, *in my opinion*.
      “Great Knight”??? Ha! Laughable in so many ways to refer to Ze’mer as such... Same with Isma and Dryya. Don’t even get me started... We all know Ogrim and Hegemol were the only legitimate Great Knights. I’ll leave it at that... If you know what a real “knight” is, you know what I mean.

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