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Location Dirtmouth

Grimmsteeds are NPCs added in the DLC of Hollow Knight, The Grimm Troupe. They are giraffe-necked weevils, beetles with extraordinarily long necks (the same species as Willoh, only with Grimmkin markings). Two Grimmsteeds are loyal members of The Grimm Troupe.


Grimmsteed Information

The Grimmsteeds do not have known names and do not talk. They are quiet and contemplative as they sit peacefully together just outside of Grimm’s tent. However, they are very intelligent, as their thoughts can be read via the Dream Nail, and they reveal that Grimm is very benevolent and caring, always guiding them through the darkness with his bright flames. They act as cargo-carriers, similar to horses, for the Troupe whenever they travel. 

  • Location: Two Grimmsteeds can be found at Dirtmouth, near Grimm's tent entrance.
  • Combat: Players may not kill the Grimmsteeds.


Associated Quests

  • None



Dream Nailed: A new land. Different from the last. How many more will we see?

The roads between are dark and long, but the Master’s light will always guide us.


Notes & Tips

  • The two Grimmsteeds are the same species of insect as Willoh (giraffe-necked weevils), though they are slightly different in that they possess Grimmkin markings on their faces, and long grey cloaks billowing out from beneath their folded shells.



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