Health Mask

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 The Health Mask is a representation of The Knight's Health. 

Health Mask is a Stat of The Knight in Hollow Knight. Health Masks represents your health, this is shown on the upper-left corner of your screen. You will start the fame with 5 Health Masks and you can obtain this by finding Mask Shards.



Health Mask Usage

  • Health Masks are represented as your health, and you lose a mask whenever you take damage from enemies or other environmental hazards.
  • You can regain health by either resting at a Bench or by using Focus. 


How to Acquire Health Mask

You would need to collect Mask Shards in order to gain additional Health Masks. You can click here to view the locations on where you can acquire them.


Health Mask Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes and Tips for Health Mask.






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