Herrah the Beast

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Location Beast's Den

Herrah the Beast is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Herrah the Beast is one of the three Dreamers and was the former queen of the spider tribe of Deepnest and the mother of Hornet.


Herrah the Beast Information

Herrah the Beast was the former queen of the spider tribe. Upon being asked to become a dreamer by The Pale King, she offered a deal that she'll only become a dreamer if The Pale King had a child with her due to being desperate of having her very own offspring. The Pale King agreed to it and resulted in Herrah giving birth to Hornet

  • Location: Herrah the Beast Can be found at the Beast's Den in Deepnest
  • Combat: Players will need to strike her physical body with the Dream Nail to enter the Dream World where they can find her vulnerable state which can be destroyed by The Nail and absorbed by using FOCUS.
  • Rewards: Breaks their seal of the Temple of the Black Egg.


Associated Quests



...Bound... For brood... For child...

...Fair bargain made...

...Give all...

...For her...


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