Howling Wraiths

howling wraiths spell hollow knight wiki

Blast foes with screaming SOUL.

The Wraiths require SOUL to be conjured. Strike enemies to gather SOUL.

Howling Wraiths is a Spell in Hollow Knight. All Spells consume 33 SOUL and lessen the cost to 24 SOUL if the Spell Twister charm is equipped. Howling Wraiths releases souls that damage enemies caught in an arc and above The Knight.



Howling Wraiths Usage

  • Press the FOCUS/CAST button and UP to activate the spell. It releases an energy wave of screaming SOUL and Shadows that damages enemies above the knight and caught within the arc - this spell has three bursts that deals 10 damage per hit, resulting in a total of 30 damage upon successfully hitting the enemy three times.



How to Find Howling Wraiths



Howling Wraiths Notes & Tips

  • Equipping certain Charms can modify this spell:



Abyss Shriek  ♦  Descending Dark  ♦  Desolate Dive  ♦  Focus  ♦  Shade Soul  ♦  Vengeful Spirit



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