Howling Wraiths

howling wraiths spell hollow knight wiki

Blast foes with screaming SOUL.
The Wraiths require SOUL to be conjured. Strike enemies to gather SOUL.

Function Damage
Location Overgrown Mound

Howling Wraiths is a Spell in Hollow KnightSpells are magical active skills that complement The Knight's offensive and defensive capabilities. Each Spell is powered by SOUL and has a base cost of 33 required to cast. Howling Wraiths releases a blast of screaming souls upwards, dealing damage above and around the Knight.


Hollow Knight Howling Wraiths Function & Usage

The Howling Wraiths spell releases a burst of screaming souls upwards in a large, cloud-like formation, damaging opponents above and around the knight. It is performed by pressing the Focus/Cast or Quick Cast while holding Up on the D-Pad.

  • Howling Wraiths hits 3 times over a very quick animation. Each hit deals 13 base damage, allowing the spell to deal up to 39 total damage.
  • The spell has a very large and wide hitbox, allowing it to also hit opponents who aren't directly above the Knight.
  • Howling Wraiths can be cast both on the ground and in mid-air. When cast in mid-air, it stalls the Knight for a split second, allowing them to stay in the air longer which can be useful for avoiding certain attacks or projectiles, or to simply delay the Knight's descent.
  • Howling Wraiths can later be upgraded into the Abyss Shriek spell.


How to Obtain the Howling Wraiths Spell in Hollow Knight

The Howling Wraiths spell is found next to the corpse of a large Snail Shaman in the Overgrown Mound, a sub-area located in the western section of Fog Canyon. The mound is near the entrance to the Queen's Gardens.


Hollow Knight Howling Wraiths Spell Modifiers

The Howling Wraiths spell can be modified by the following Charms:

  • Shaman Stone - Improves Howling Wraiths's damage by ~50%, increasing each hit's damage from 13 to 20 and raising the spell's total damage to 60.
  • Spell Twister - Reduces the SOUL cost to 24 per cast.


Hollow Knight Howling Wraiths Notes & Tips

  • The Snail Shaman's corpse next to the Howling Wraiths spell can be hit with the Dream Nail. The Shaman's  Dream Nail dialogue reads ""





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