Location Dirtmouth

Iselda is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Iselda is Cornifer's wife and is one of the game's merchants.


Iselda Information

Iselda is the wife of Cornifer, she was known to be a warrior capable of battle but later chose a peaceful life with her husband and although complains a lot, manages a shop. She sells maps and mapping tools which is very crucial to the player's navigation - although she chose not to join her husband, she wishes that Cornifer would come home often and fears for his safety and wellbeing. If players miss the chance to find Cornifer in a new area, players can head over to Iselda's shop and purchase a part of the map for a higher price.

  • Location: Iselda Can be found at Dirtmouth
  • Combat: Players may not kill Iselda.


Associated Quests

  • Related NPCs: Cornifer
  • Acquiring a map of each and all of the areas of Hallownest unlocks the Cartographer Trophy/Achievement


Iselda's Shop

Item Price (Geo)
Ancient Basin 150
City of Tears 120
Crystal Peak 150
Deepnest 50
Fog Canyon 200
Forgotten Crossroads 40
Fungal Wastes 100
Greenpath 80
Howling Cliffs 100
Kingdom's Edge 150
Resting Grounds 75
Royal Waterways 100
Queen's Gardens 200
Mapping Items
Wayward Compass 220
Quill 120
Vendor Pin (Encounter Cornifer) 100
Stag Station Pin (Unlock the first Stag Station) 100
Bench Pin (Encounter Cornifer) 100
Cocoon Pin (Encounter Cornifer) 100
Hotspring Pin (Encounter Cornifer) 100
Whispering Root Pin (Obtain the Dream Nail) 150
Warrior's Grave Pin (Obtain the Dream Nail) 180
Tram Pin (Obtain the Tram Pass) 100
Lifeblood DLC
Scarab Marker 100
Shell Marker 100
Gleaming Marker  100
Token Marker 100



Come to buy a map have you? Its really my husband you should be dealing with, but what a surprise! He's headed down below.

He'll pop back occasionally to deliver new maps for the store but I do wish he'd spend a little more time up here. I've not much interest in retail myself.

Now, let's see what's here for me to sell.


Notes & Tips

  • It is highly recommended to purchase Pins from Iselda to further mark points of interests and for easy navigation.
  • Once the Quill has been purchased, The Knight will be able to update the map - players will need to rest at a bench after discovering an unknown room/area for it to be updated.



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