Isma's Grove is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. This location is a grove where players can find Isma's Tear. It is a sub-area within the Royal Waterways that are filled with acid pools - players will need to defeat the Dung Defender in order to proceed further.


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Isma's Grove Walkthrough

Finding Isma's Grove and Isma's Tear

In order to gain access into Isma's Grove, you'll need to defeat the Dung Defender first in the Royal Waterways and then flip the lever that drains the acid water blocking the path that leads into the grove. From the Dung Defender's arena and after draining the acid water, you'll want to retrace your course back to the entrance leading to the arena of the Dung Defender.

From here, you'll have to head southeast towards the path where you'll encounter a Pilflip and eventually, an opening you'll have to jump down into that leads into the next section. Now, follow the path then drop down to the bottom by hopping onto the elevated platforms until you reach the pool of acid. Next, head east until you reach a ledge with a crystal which indicates that you'll have to use the Crystal Heart ability to get across. Don't stop until you reach the next section after crossing the passage that has spikes.

Once you've reached the section, drop down while clinging onto the wall and use the Crystal Heart ability upon reaching the crystal formation to get across. You'll eventually slam onto the wall where you'll now need to climb up. You'll now encounter yet another pool of acid that has elevated platforms and multiple Hwurmp enemies floating around. Make it across then head to the top right side until you reach a sign from the Dung Defender on the wall.

Upon entering, you'll want to climb up the column until you reach the top. Be careful since you'll encounter 2x Winged Sentry as you climb to the top. When you get to the top, continue heading east then drop down into the 2nd column near the pool of acid where you'll arrive in a small arena.

The gates will immediately close and you'll have to fight three waves of sentry enemies in order for the gates to re-open. After clearing the last wave, head east and follow the path where you'll respectively arrive in Isma's Grove. From here, go east and jump across by using the platforms until you reach the end where you'll find Isma's Tear - this ability repels acid which will allow The Knight to swim in acidic waters without taking any damage.

Rescue a Grub

From where you picked up Isma's Tear, drop down into the pool of acid and swim to your right where you'll find a secret path. Climb up the wall and you'll find a trapped Grub. From here, you can retrace your steps back to the Dung Defender's arena where we'll head to the next location, the Ancient Basin.



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royal waterways map hollow knight wiki guide 300px

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