King's Brand


Marks the bearer as King.

Hallownest's ancient places shall open before it.

King's Brand is an Item in Hollow Knight. A white illuminating brand that serves as the bearer's mark as a king and is used to unlock a door at the Ancient Basin that leads to The Abyss.



King's Brand Usage

  • This unlocks a door at the Ancient Basin, which leads to The Abyss.
  • Unlocking the door allows players to unlock four Endings and adds new dialogues for certain NPCs.



How to Find King's Brand

  • Defeat Hornet at Kingdom's Edge



King's Brand Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes...



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    • Anonymous

      So MatPat's theory is that the player is the Pale King, which he's not cause the Pale King's dead in his palace and pale beings and the void don't seem to get along that well. However, the player does technically become king of Hallownest (not THE Pale King, just his successor) once he acquires the King's Brand. Also i'd just like to add that someone mentioned that all the vessels except for the Hollow Knight and the main character are the only children not stuck in the abyss, which is wrong because Hornet herself is the king's daughter, and it would be bold to assume every vessel is either dead or stuck since so many of them managed to get out, it wouldn't be too surprising that there's still lot of them out there that we simply don't know of. Anyway I recommend Mossbag's channel on youtube on anything lore related, he even has a video about "debunking" matpat's. Have a nice day

      • Anonymous

        Alright. Person saying MatPats theory is near correct, you are extremely incorrect

        Kings brand marks the player as the new king not the pale king, and because hollow knight is the son of the pale king doesnt exactly help the theory (infact it helps disprove the theory)

        • Anonymous

          Kings brand technically marks you, the player, as king, therefore proving MatPats theory. Not to mention, you and The Hollow Knight are realistically the only children of the king to be in the contest to be the king, as you are the only children of the Pale King that aren't dying in a hole (the abyss). And The Hollow Knight is technically in exile, and the Pale Lady stepped down, and the Pale King is dead. So, you're the king. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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