Leg Eater

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Location Fungal Wastes

Leg Eater is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Leg Eater is a blind termite-like hermit and a charm vendor.


Leg Eater Information

Leg Eater is a blind hermit and an eccentric charm vendor. He is a termite, thus he possesses an exceptional sense of smell despite his inability to see. Upon your first encounter, he will show you "something nice" in exchange for hollow knight wiki geo icon86. After paying him, his Charm shop will be available packed with three Fragile type charms along with providing his service of repairing a broken charm - Leg Eater seems to be attracted to the smell of Divine, and once you speak to him after purchasing all of her Charms, he will head over to Divine and unfortunately, meets his demise.

  • Location: Leg Eater Can be found at the Fungal Wastes near the entrance of the Forgotten Crossroads.
  • Progression: Leg Eater's claws can be found in Divine's Room after acquiring all her charms and speaking to the Leg Eater
  • Combat: Players may not kill Leg Eater.


Associated Quests


Leg Eater's Shop

Item Price (Geo) With the Defender's Crest Equipped
Fragile Heart 350 280
Fragile Greed 250 200
Fragile Strength 600 480
Charm Repair
Broken Fragile Heart 200 160
Broken Fragile Greed 150 120
Broken Fragile Strength 350 280



Don't try to sneak past me. I can smell you.

Hmm... Do you collect a lot of Geo?

Give me Geo, and you can see something... nice.


Notes & Tips

  • Equipping the Defender's Crest Charm allows Leg Eater to offer his services at a 20% discount.



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