Mantis Claw

mantis claw ability hollow knight wiki guide

Claw carved from bone. Allows the wearer to cling to walls and leap off them.

Function Grants the ability to slide on walls and perform a Wall Jump
Location Mantis Village

Mantis Claw is an Ability in Hollow KnightAbilities are upgrades which impart various effects and skills that help The Knight traverse and interact with the environment in new ways. Unlike Spells, Abilities do not use SOUL or any other resources, but some may have short cooldowns or require resetting before being available for use again. The Mantis Claw allows The Knight to cling to walls and other vertical surfaces, and perform Wall Jumps to reach higher locations.


Hollow Knight Mantis Claw Function & Usage

The Mantis Claw allows The Knight to scale vertical surfaces such as walls and pillars, and is an essential Ability for exploration. To use it, jump towards a wall and continue holding the input towards its direction. A Wall Jump can then be performed by pressing Jump to launch the Knight diagonally away from the wall and chain jumps to climb higher and higher.

  • Wall Jumps can be chained an infinite number of times, allowing the Knight to climb up any walls they can reach. 
  • When the Knight clings to a wall, they slide down it at a slightly slower rate than their standard falling speed.
  • Clinging to walls resets the Knight's aerial dash ability imparted by the Mothwing Cloak, as well as the double jump ability from the Monarch Wings. Where these abilities can normally only be used once per jump, performing a Wall Jump makes them available once more, allowing the Knight to stay above ground and is the key to overcoming difficult platforming sections. This property also has its use in combat where walls are available to cling onto.


How to Obtain the Mantis Claw in Hollow Knight

The Mantis Claw is found in the Mantis Village, in the lower-central section of the Fungal Wastes.

  • The Mothwing Cloak is required in order to reach the village, as well as the claw.
  • Travel down the Fungal Wastes until you begin encountering Mantis-type enemies. Keep heading downwards until you see some metallic poles wrapped with rope strewn about the area, and a single Mantis Warrior guarding an entrance to the left. This leads to the Mantis Village.
  • After entering, keep heading in the same direction towards some buildings. Ignore the path above and simply head all the way left at the ground level. At the end of the path is another Mantis Warrior guarding a switch on the ceiling. Hit the switch to unlock a door above you.
  • Head back to the entrance of this area and jump to the platforms above and follow them back to the door you unlocked. Carefully jump and dash into the opening that was blocked by the door and follow the path up and into a room with small shelves where the Mantis Claw can be found.


Hollow Knight Mantis Claw Ability Modifiers

The Mantis Claw does not have any modifiers available.


Hollow Knight Mantis Claw Notes & Tips

  • Additional Notes & Tips for the Mantis Claw ability go here.





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