Mantis Village is a Location in Hollow Knight. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Mantis Village is a sub-area in the Fungal Wastes and is also the home of the mantis species and where the Mantis Lords also reside, they are the only tribe who was able to fight off The Infection.


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Mantis Village Walkthrough

The Boundary of the Village

You'll first arrive within the boundaries of the village where you'll first encounter a Mantis Warrior, be careful with its attack since it has quite a long reach when it swings its claw. Continue going east where you'll now encounter a Mantis Youth hanging like a bat on the ceiling, once you're within its range, it will start to fly and swoop in to attack you, continue going east where another Mantis Warrior is blocking your path. Towrads the end, there is a locked door, but you can drop down and then head clockwise where you'll find an intersection leading down - drop down to enter the next section.

Acquiring the Dashmaster Charm

From here, head down southeast, then southwest, then southeast again which will lead you towards the path to a Bench. Just be careful going down and always try to look below you to check if there are only a few platforms for you to jump on to avoid falling into the pool of acid.

From the bench, head west into the next section where you'll see a shivering bug to your left. That bug is Bretta, and you'll have to save her later when you acquire the Mantis Claw ability. For now, head to the very bottom part of the cavern to find a statue of a warrior and the Dashmaster charm just next to it - obtain it and head back to the previous section.

Into the Mantis Village

Once you're back, we'll go through a few parts of the section before heading into the village. First, jump on the platforms and stay to the left where you'll see a Mantis Youth, just pass it, you'll find a cluster of Geo that you can destroy to obtain Geo. Second head back down and use the mushroom to pogo off it and proceed east, then head up on the platforms until you reach the surface where you'll encounter 1x Mantis Youth alongside 1x Mantis Warrior, kill both the enemies to reach 2 more caches of Geo. Continue heading up one level and proceed west where you'll find another Mantis Warrior blocking the path leading to the village - kill it and enter the next section.

Acquiring the Mantis Claw

From here, head all the way to the western end until you reach the switch that is on the ceiling. You'll encounter more Mantis Youth and Mantis Warrior as you walk down the path. After activating the switch, retrace your steps and jump onto the platform that will take you to the 2nd level of the section.

Another Mantis Warrior will be blocking your way and a Mantis Youth by the large gap, kill it to regain SOUL and to clear your path. Once they're dead, jump and dash to reach the other end to your left and just continue heading west until you see shelves full of Mantis Claws just above The Knight. Jump up on the platforms, kill the Mantis Youth along the way and jump down into the room with the shelves where you can pick up the Mantis Claw - with the Mantis Claw, you can now cling onto walls to either reach higher ground or to slide down safely. You can test the ability out by going up one level, and perform a wall jump to your right to reach 2 caches of Geo.

Finding the Mantis Lords

From where you acquired the Mantis Claw, you'll want to go back down then proceed northeast where you'll find a spiked pit. Make sure to cling onto the wall and the dash towards the platform to avoid falling into the pit. Continue heading east and then clockwise to find a switch, hit it to open the gate in front of you as well as a big gate that will open on the lower part of the room. Before heading down, you'll find a cluster of Geo just across the gate in front of you. Collect the Geo and head down into the next section below.

Now, you'll find more spikes on the ground and walls alongside Mantis Youth enemies that will follow you around once you are seen. Most of the gates are locked that has a switch that you can use to open it, so you'll want to head northwest and make your way down counterclockwise. Eventually, you'll come across the switches to unlock the gates and at the end will be a path that you'll drop down into leading to the Mantis Lords.

Boss Battle, Mantis Lords

To start the boss battle, walk up to the middle and interact to challenge them. This boss battle has two phases, the first is where you'll fight one of the mantis then upon defeating it, you'll enter phase 2 where you'll now fight the other two. You can click here to learn more about the strategies on how to defeat them. Upon defeating them you'll be considered as the new lord of the Mantis Village which will cause all the inhabitants in the village to become passive. Now, the door to their left will lead you to Deepnest, which you will enter later on.

Claim your Rewards

From the arena of the Mantis Lords, climb back up and head northeast where you'll find Mantis Warrior. You'll notice that they are no longer hostile and will now start to bow down to you when you approach them. Continue climbing up the wall until you reach the switch - open the gate by activating the switch then go east into the next section.

If you went here earlier, you'll find that you won't be able to enter further since the Mantis Warrior will hit the switch if you try to enter. But now that you've defeated the Mantis Lords, the Mantis by the switch will now bow down to you, allowing you to proceed further inside the room.

If you continue heading east, you'll find a bench that you can rest on and save your game. When you're done, head back and jump onto the 2nd level with the spikes to find a chest on the 3rd level, cling onto the wall and jump-dash to reach it. You'll be able to acquire the Mark of Pride charm inside the chest. Now head back down and climb the wall opposite to where the Mantis Warrior is and head to the top to find another chest containing 1x Hallownest Seal. From the chest, head east and slide down the wall to the left side then dash towards the treasure room to your right to find another chest containing lots of Geo.

Once you're done, head back down to the bench to save your game and replenish your health. This marks the completion for the Mantis Village, up next is the City of Tears.



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      I fought the mantis lords with no extra health or nail upgrades and yes failed a billion times but I still ended up defeating them after learning their fight patterns, I'd recommend looking up a video on strats before attempting it'll help :)

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        The mantis lords this early is practically impossible. I get that it can be done but the level of skill it requires? Gotta at least put your own strat here. The actual mantis lord guide suggests stuff that's in other areas AFTER this part so should I just follow that, skip this fight and come back??

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