Mask Maker


Location Deepnest

Mask Maker is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Mask Maker is a bug who specializes in creating and painting different kinds of masks.


Mask Maker Information

The Mask Maker's location can be found at the northwest side of Deepnest. You'll find this mysterious carpenter sitting behind a table full of masks of all shapes and sizes and continuously works on the masks while he mumbles to himself. The Mask Maker questions if a mask is needed to define, to focus, and to exist one's face. If a player executes a Desolate Dive or Descending Dark, it will destroy the mask and reveal the "true" face of the Mask Maker with grey colored skin and twirly eyeballs but later mentions that the face revealed is yet another mask.

  • Location: Mask Maker Can be found at Deepnest
  • Combat: Players may not kill Mask Maker.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



A wonderful thing to have, a face. Not a thing with which we all are blessed.

For this kingdom's faceless, I shall provide.  

A mask! A face! Does it need one? Does it not? To define. To focus. To exist.


Notes & Tips

  • The Mask Maker changes into one out of the three designs of his mask upon entering his room.



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