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Midwife is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Midwife is a centipede-like being and a servant of The Nest who claims to have the answers to The Knight's questions.


Midwife Information

Midwife is a black centipede looking being that is emerging from a wall, as her name implies she is a servant and midwife of The Nest. She claims that she can provide information that The Knight is looking for but later on opens up her mask revealing her mouth filled with sharp teeth and tries to eat The Knight. She doesn't take any damage from being hit but she inflicts damage on The Knight if you are caught in her attack - attacking her once will have hide back into her wall and will re-appear after re-entering the area, apologizing for her appetite, but will state she would still like to eat, to sate her appetite. If The Knight goes to her once more, she will compliment The Knight, calling them a caring host, but still attacks. Further attempts to talk to her will result in the third dialogue being repeated, and once again she will attack.

  • Location: Midwife Can be found behind a breakable wall at the end of a corridor at the bottom right exit of the Distant Village.
  • Combat: Players may not kill Midwife.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Oh. Please. Please. Don't be shy. There are some nasties about here alright. Not me. I'm friend to all and happy to serve a traveller so bold as you. Is it information you seek? That I can provide. Yes. Oh yes. Heehee.

That village above here, home to a sad creature. Hers is a tale of tragic exchange. Cost her and her people greatly, though I suspect she bore no regret in making it. Heehee, yes. I know. I know. You're intrigued. You want to know the tale. Well I'm sorry. I'd love to tell it, but I'm just, I'm very, very sorry, and I haven't eat in some time...

And oh, I'm STAA-AARVING...


Notes & Tips

  • When struck by the Dream Nail, it becomes evidently she despises the knight, as her thoughts are, Gah!! Get out! Get out! Get out!
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