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Mister Mushroom is an NPC in Hollow Knight. He will start appearing in various locations of the map after defeating the 3 Dreamers.


Mister Mushroom Information

Mister Mushroom is a mysterious entity first located in the fungal wastes and part of the mushroom "Hivemind" This can be seen as he seems to be talking to other entities including the Hungry Knight a character for a Team Cherry game of the same title.

  • Location: You will find Mister Mushroom standing right where Cornifer used to sell his map in the fungal wastes after defeating the 3 Dreamers.
  • Progression: For the quest to start, you will need to equip the Spore Shroom Charm before talking to him. If you interact with him without it, you won't understand what he's saying – only gibberish – and the quest won't progress.
  • Combat: Can not kill Mister Mushroom.
  • Rewards: Allows the player to get the secret achievement Passing of the Age as well as an additional at the ending of the game

 Passing of the age achievement

to get the achivement you need to interact with Mister mushroom in the following locations

  1. In the Fungal Wastes
  2. In Kingdom's Edge In a Small Cave on the middle left of the tall area between the tram station and the main area
  3. In Deepnest in the bottom left corner of the rectangular room bellow the failed tramway
  4. In the Howling Cliffs inside of nailmaster Mato's house
  5. In the Ancient basin In room just after the broken vessel fight
  6. In the fog canyon in the left side of the rectangular room just below the overgrown mound
  7. In the Kings Pass, exactly where the Knight starts the game

Following this getting any ending will add a secret scene as well as giving you the passing of the age achievement


Notes & Tips

  • Mister Mushroom references a past unsuccessful Newgrounds game developed by Team Cherry called “Hungry Knight”, and is the only character that breaks the fourth wall.



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