Monarch Wings

monarch wings ability hollow knight wiki guide

Wings of ethereal matter that shimmer in the darkness.
Allows one to jump again in mid-air.

Function Double Jump
Location Ancient Basin

Monarch Wings is an Ability in Hollow KnightAbilities are upgrades which impart various effects and skills that help The Knight traverse and interact with the environment in new ways. Unlike Spells, Abilities do not use SOUL or any other resources, but some may have short cooldowns or require resetting before being available for use again. The Monarch Wings enable a second jump while in mid-air, allowing the Knight to reach greater heights and cross larger gaps that a single jump cannot accomplish.


Hollow Knight Monarch Wings Function & Usage

The Monarch Wings impart the Double Jump ability to The Knight, allowing them to perform a second jump while in mid-air. 

  • Double Jump has a longer horizontal range than the JumpDash (Mothwing Cloak) combo. Using all three abilities in conjunction allows The Knight to travel even further.
  • Similar to the Dash, the Double Jump can normally only be performed once per standard Jump, but it is reset whenever the Knight lands on the ground or a platform, clings to or jumps off of vertical surfaces with the Mantis Claw, as well as after bouncing off of an enemy or object using the Nail's Down Strike.


How to Obtain the Monarch Wings in Hollow Knight

The Monarch Wings are found in the western section of the Ancient Basin.

  • The Crystal Heart is required to reach the Monarch Wings' location. The Lumafly Lantern is also recommended to illuminate dark sections along the path.
  • From the Ancient Basin's tram station, make your way down to the middle section of the map and then head west. In the area with the Bench, there is a huge gap that requires the Super Dash to cross. Keep following the path westwards and you will eventually come across the Broken Vessel boss encounter. Defeat it to gain access to the following area where you can collect the Monarch Wings.


Hollow Knight Monarch Wings Notes & Tips

  • The Monarch Wings are technically not required to complete the game, but they do allow access to the Palace Grounds, the White Palace and The Fungal Core locations, as well as the Enraged Guardian boss encounter. Other locations that seemingly require the Monarch Wings to reach can be accessed with some clever platforming using the other abilities and Pogo-jumping off of enemies and objects. However, the Monarch Wings provide a huge quality of life ability that is useful in both exploration and combat.
  • Collecting the Monarch Wings stops the strong gusts of wind that can be witnessed in several sections of the Ancient Basin. This implies that the winds are caused by the wings.
  • Obtaining the Monarch Wings is one of the two triggers that will cause The Infection to spread across the Forgotten Crossroads, with the other being the death of any of the Dreamers.





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