Moss Prophet


Location Queen's Gardens

Moss Prophet is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Moss Prophet is a preacher covered in moss and infected blobs who is in its early stage of The Infection.


Moss Prophet Information

Moss Prophet can be found at the Moss Chapel in Queen's Gardens preaching about The Radiance to a group of Mossy Vagabonds - here you'll learn that the Moss Prophet along with his devotees are in its early stage of The Infection. Right after obtaining Monarch Wings or defeating the Dreamers, you'll find the Moss Prophet and the Mossy Vagabonds dead and has been completely consumed by the plague.

  • Location: Moss Prophet Can be found at the Moss Chapel in Queen's Gardens
  • Progression: Moss Prophet dies after acquiring Monarch Wings or defeating the Dreamers
  • Combat: Players may not kill Moss Prophet.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



Oooohhh radiant being, we are blessed. Your rays touch us. Your warmth fills us. Hallownest is born again, united in your blazing image. Oohhh...

Light is life, beaming, pure, brilliant. To stifle that light is to suppress nature. Nature suppressed distorts, plagues us. Embrace light! Achieve union! Oohh..Ahhh.


Notes & Tips

  • The Moss Prophet can be Dream Nailed to unlock extra dialogues.



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    • I also missed him on my first run... He’s a complete obnoxious fool for worshipping that devil the Radiance, but it’s interesting to observe his freaky “sermon” in the little Moss Chapel. And the Mossy Vagabonds are endearing - they’re worth seeing alive, at least. Also, is it just me, or does the Moss Prophet sound a lot like a Minion? Hehe... I’m sorry, but I swear, he sounds like a Minion... :P

      • Anonymous

        His location is cool but super easy to miss for most players. Also him just dying after you get the wings is lame I understand after the dreamers. His story is actually pretty cool but it's too long to write here

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