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Location Shrine of Believers

The Moth is an NPC in Hollow Knight. The Moth is an enigmatic, ghostly white colored insect. He is found outside the Shrine of Believers.


Moth Information

This unnamed ghostly moth has no known name and remains shrouded in mystery. He is found outside the Shrine of Believers, where he simply talks about the area and what lies inside.

  • Location: Moth Can be found at the Shrine of Believers
  • Combat: Players may not kill the Moth.


Associated Quests

  • N/A



You who pry into even the most hidden of dreams... Take heed. Recorded within this shrine are utterings from another world. Though the words may seem strange, remember they come from minds different to ours, the minds of a group united in mysterious cause. To believe or disbelieve... The choice is yours.


Notes & Tips

  • He shares the same voice/sound-effects with the Pale King’s Royal Retainers in the White Palace. 



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