Mothwing Cloak


Cloak threaded with mothwing strands.

Allows the wearer to dash forwards along the ground or through the air.

Mothwing Cloak is an Ability in Hollow Knight. As players progress through the game, these skills that are categorized as abilities that are acquired from completing tasks and are found from certain areas, these abilities help The Knight travel and survive the depths of Hallownest - abilities do not require SOUL to be activated.



Mothwing Cloak Usage

  • To activate this ability, press the DASH button to perform a short dash in the direction The Knight is facing. Mothwing Cloak can also be used mid-air - this ability is helpful to cross large gaps or areas that are too far to be reached by using a jump. It is also a handy ability that can be used in battle to dodge enemy/boss attacks.
  • The ability can be used again if The Knight takes damage, attaches onto a wall with the use of Mantis Claw, or lands onto the ground after using it mid-air.
  • Unlike Shade Cloak, this ability restricts The Knight to dash through an enemy and its attacks without taking damage.



How to Find Mothwing Cloak

  • Greenpath - defeat Hornet in her boss arena. And after defeating her, loot the body of a Vessel where the ability can be found.



Mothwing Cloak Notes & Tips

  • This skill can be upgraded into Shade Cloak.
  • Equipping certain Charms can modify this ability:
    • Dashmaster: grants The Knight to use Dash frequently and adds the option to dash downwards.



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