Nailmaster Mato


Location Howling Cliffs

Nailmaster Mato is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Nailmaster Mato is a legendary master of the Nail Arts who is willing to bestow their technique to new wielders of the Nail.


Nailmaster Mato Information

Nailmaster Mato is one of the three Nailmasters, Mato specializes in the Nail Art: Cyclone Slash. He may not be as skilled as Oro and Sheo, he is willing to teach and share his ways to the next generation of Nail Wielders. He was taken under the supervision of the Great Nailsage Sly - after speaking to him and learning the technique, he mentions that he considers The Knight to be his child.


Associated Quests

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Hm? Ah, well met! Yes, I thought I could sense the aura of a fierce warrior approaching.

I'm impressed you found my sanctuary here at the top of the world. No doubt you've endured many trials and overcome many foes in your quest to find me.

No, don't speak a word. I, Nailmaster Mato, who was taught the Art of the Nail by the Great Nailsage himself, hereby accept you as my pupil!

Let us begin the lesson immediately!


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