Nailmaster Oro

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Location Kingdom's Edge

Nailmaster Oro is an NPC in Hollow Knight. A large beetle-like bug, Nailmaster Oro is a legendary master of the Nail Arts who is willing to bestow their technique to new wielders of the Nail. 


Nailmaster Oro Information

Nailmaster Oro is one of the three Nailmasters, Oro specializes in the Nail Art: Dash Slash - he also was taken under the supervision of the Great Nailsage Sly. Oro and Mato both share an unfinished and conflicted past that resulted to Mato seeing Oro as his enemy. Oro is the only Nailmaster who asks for Geo in exchange for teaching the Nail Art, though he will teach you if you give him the Delicate Flower as well.


Associated Quests

  • Delicate Flower: Players may give Oro a Delicate Flower. Once you give him the flower, he claims that it is useless and he will dispose of it. However, after leaving and coming back to him, you'll find the flower placed inside a vase beside him.



Hmph. How did you find me, down here where the world ends?

Yes, I know why you're here. You came to learn a Nail Art from the legendary Nailmaster Oro.

It is the law of the Great Nailsage that I must pass down my teachings to those who are worthy.

But no law forbids me from exacting a payment for my time. If you truly wish to train under me, prove it with Geo!


Notes & Tips

  • Based on what Sly said in his dream, and Oro's current attitude, Oro was the proudest but least-skilled Nailmaster despite his definite combat prowess when Sly was training all three brothers. However, it seems that under his pompousness, Oro is actually quite sensitive, and has learned to cover it up with an imperious facade (hence why he keeps the Delicate Flower despite acting annoyed by it). 


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    • I love how Oro keeps the Delicate Flower and puts it in a vase beside him despite putting up a big fuss about it. I bet he was just so touched by the kindly gesture and had never been given a gift before, so he was flustered and just didn’t know how to respond. Great little detail showing his hidden sensitive personality. He’s a lovable grouch like Zote. :)

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