Nailmaster Sheo

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Location Greenpath

Nailmaster Sheo is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Nailmaster Sheo is a legendary master of the Nail Arts who is willing to bestow his technique to new wielders of the Nail.


Nailmaster Sheo Information

Nailmaster Sheo is one of the three Nailmasters, Sheo specializes in the Nail Art: Great Slash. He was taken under the supervision of the Great Nailsage Sly and is said to be the strongest and mightiest amongst the three. He decided to move to Greenpath to pursue a new art, the art of painting, sculpting, and creation of  various artworks. Later, he befriends and the Nailsmith (if you choose to spare the Nailsmith's life), and learn the Great Slash from Sheo.

  • Location: Nailmaster Sheo Can be found at Greenpath
  • Rewards: Choosing not to kill the Nailsmith and returning to Sheo unlocks the Happy Couple Trophy/Achievement.


Associated Quests



A visitor! Why have you crept in here, little grub? Perhaps, like me, you have a taste for discovering new things?

I am Sheo, and in a previous life I was a Nailmaster. Yes, the only thing that drove me was becoming stronger and honing my skills with a nail.

I imagined it was my one calling in life, but that feeling faded over time. Now I seek a new calling, something that speaks to my soul and compels me forward.

That's why I spend my time here, secluded, trying to master the art of creation. Painting, sculpting... these things bring a different kind of pleasure.

Mmm. You don't seem very moved by what I've said. Was it Sheo the Nailmaster you were looking for? Did you come to learn a Nail Art? I'll teach you if you insist...


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