Nailmasters in Hollow Knight are special NPCs who are responsible of providing The Knight with special moves called Nail Arts. There are three Nailmasters that can be found in Hallownest, each having a distinct personality, appearance, and specialization of a certain Nail Art technique. These Nailmasters are legendary masters of the Nail Arts who are willing to bestow their technique to new wielders of the Nail. On this page, you can find the three Nailmasters featured in Hollow Knight.

Finding the Nailmasters in Hollow Knight

In Hollow Knight, there are three Nailmasters that can be found within the kingdom of Hallownest, and each one of them are actually optional for you to find. Although it may be optional, it is highly recommended to interact with these fierce masters since they are able to bestow strong techniques that can help in defeating the countless foes you encounter in Hollow Knight.

As The Knight, it is your duty to seek out these masters and to learn from them. It is important to take note to always come prepared since each one is pretty much distinct from one another, you will fight them to prove your worth, while one of them may just simply ask for a request that needs to be done.


Achievements upon finding the Nailmasters

Apart from learning the various Nail Art Techniques, players can unlock unique achievements such as the Happy Couple Trophy/Achievement which can be acquired if you choose not to kill the Nailsmith and returning to Nailmaster Sheo about it.


Hollow Knight Nailmasters

nailmaster oro npc icon hollow knight wiki
Nailmaster Mato

Location: Howling Cliffs

 "Hm? Ah, well met! Yes, I thought I could sense the aura of a fierce warrior approaching."


nailmaster mato npc icon hollow knight wiki
Nailmaster Oro

Location: Kingdom's Edge

"Hmph. How did you find me, down here where the world ends?"


nailmaster sheo npc icon hollow knight wiki
Nailmaster Sheo

Location: Greenpath

"I am Sheo, and in a previous life I was a Nailmaster."

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