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Location Junk Pit
City of Tears

Nailsmith is an NPC in Hollow Knight. Nailsmith is a bug who specializes in forging Nails.


Nailsmith Information

Nailsmith is capable of strengthening The Knight's Nail and is obsessed with the thought of forging the "perfect" nail. He will offer his services to forge The Knight's Nail in exchange for Geo and Pale Ore. Once the Nailsmith has forged the Pure Nail, he will realize that his work is done and will step outside his shop - after you speak to him, he will ask you for a final request to kill him with the use of the "perfect" nail leaving you with the choice to do his final wish or to spare his life.

  • Location: Nailsmith Can be found at the City of Tears
  • Progression: Nailsmith moves to Greenpath at Nailmaster Sheo's if players choose to spare his life and have acquired Great Slash.
  • Combat: Players may kill the Nailsmith.
  • Rewards: Finishing a quest grants the Happy Couple Trophy/Achievement, killing him grants the Purity Trophy/Achievement.


Associated Quests

  • A Nailsmith's Obsession: Players will need to forge The Knight's Nail until acquiring the Pure Nail. Once it has been forged, the Nailsmith will step outside his shop and realizes his work has come to an end. He will mention that he would like to see how the perfect nail strikes and asks for you to kill him using the newly forged Pure Nail. Now, it is up to you to either kill him or spare his life.
  • Related NPCs: Nailmaster Sheo
  • After killing him, you can find his corpse at the Junk Pit. However, if you choose to spare his life, you can find him in Nailmaster Sheo's house in Greenpath only if the Nail Art Great Slash has been obtained.



Have you brought me another nail to be honed? Leave it on the ground and return later, if you're still breathing.

Hmm? Oh. I thought you were someone else.

After a Nailsmith are you? Well, you've found one. I'm not much for talk, but if its a nail that needs repair then you've come to the right bug.

Your own nail is in quite a sorry state. It's obviously not one of mine. Still, anything can be refined with enough effort and skill, even that broken blade.


Nailsmith's Shop

Nail Requirement/s:
Sharpened Nail hollow knight wiki geo icon250
Channelled Nail hollow knight wiki geo icon800, 1x Pale Ore
Coiled Nail hollow knight wiki geo icon2000, 2x Pale Ore
Pure Nail hollow knight wiki geo icon4000, 3x Pale Ore


Notes & Tips

  • The Nailsmith can be killed with other methods, such as using Spells.
  • The Dream Nail can be used on him and his corpse for additional dialogues.



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    • Really sad to see haters hating on this poor fellow, and complaining like fools... He doesn’t deserve it at all. This sad, lonely old Rhinoceros Beetle blacksmith is just doing his job. Nice of him to even continue his trade to upgrade the Knight’s nail. I love his design and his character, too. He’s endearing with his fuzzy beard, and he’s not cruel or malevolent. A gloomy soul at first - but he does his best! You don’t want a blacksmith to upgrade your sword? Don’t go to him. Quit complaining...

      I like how the Nailsmith has a happy ending - God bless Sheo for befriending him and caring for him like a brother, as he mentioned. The assisted-suicide thing is really screwed-up (I don’t care what anyone says - I’m not s nihilist, it *is* morally wrong to kill him, and even Nailsmith himself admits he was wrong in asking the Knight to kill him) and that opinion alone should make the game T-rated. No idea how that slipped under the radar... I will never strike down this poor beetle. He needs friendship and brotherly love, and thankfully he can achieve a best pal to care for him and give him hope again.

      All of the Nailmaster brothers, their new friend the Nailsmith, and Nailsage Sly, should get back together. Would make a very deep and interesting long quest-line, bringing together all of the greatest swordsmen in Hallownest. Those characters have so much potential! :)

      • Anonymous

        It is not immoral to kill him with the blade after he maxes it out. It's a very old tradition. Warriors would do that when they were too old or wounded to fight. Doing that or allowing him to go meet the painter are both acceptable

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