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You want to wear a lot of charms, don't you? Of course you do!  Buy this charm notch and you'll be able to wear more of your charms at once.

Notches are an Item in Hollow Knight. Notches are items that affect how many Charms can be equipped at once.


What Are Notches Hollow Knight

  • Notches in Hollow Knight are items that are required to equip Charms. The more notches you have, the more Charms you'll be able to wear.
  • All Charms have a corresponding Notch Cost. The combined Notch Cost of equipped Charms cannot go past The Knight's Notch Limit (see the Charms general page for the Overcharming mechanic).
  • A total of 11 Notches exist in Hollow Knight. By default, The Knight starts off with 3 Notches; the other 8 can be found as you progress through the game. Some are sold by Merchants in Hallownest, while the others are acquired by exploring secret areas and completing quests.


Hollow Knight Notch Locations

Charm Lover Salubra

Charm Lover Salubra is a Merchant in the Forgotten Crossroads who sells 4 Notches.

She is located at the South-Eastern side of the Forgotten Crossroads, and is only available once The Knight has defeated one of the Bosses, Gruz Mother, and acquiring the Abilities Mothwing Cloak or Mantis Claw (alternatively, you can perform a skip by bouncing off your Shade for early access).

To purchase Notches from Salubra, The Knight needs to own a certain amount of Charms. Below is a small table detailing these prerequisites and prices:

Notch Geo Cost Charms Needed
First Notch 120 geo currency hollow knight wiki guide 62px 5
Second Notch 500 geo currency hollow knight wiki guide 62px 10
Third Notch 900 geo currency hollow knight wiki guide 62px 18
Fourth Notch 1,400 geo currency hollow knight wiki guide 62px 25


Fog Canyon (hidden area)

Fog Canyon has a hidden area which contains a Charm Notch, though it requires the player to own Isma's Tear.

The hidden room is located on the North-East section of the area, near the Forgotten Crossroads and Fungal Wastes entrance. On the left wall of the passage, there is an opening to a room not seen on the map. Exploring this room will lead you to the Charm Notch.


Fungal Wastes

This Charm Notch is located at the Northen section of the Fungal Wastes, west of the Leg Eater (one of the Merchants) and underneath the entrance to Fog Canyon

The Notch is guarded by 2 Shrumal Ogres, but is relatively easy to acquire.


Colosseum of Fools Reward

Colosseum of Fools is an arena which rewards The Knight upon completing its various stages. 

To acquire the Charm Notch, The Knight must complete the Trial of the Warrior.


Defeating Troupe Master Grimm (Boss)

Upon defeating the main boss of the The Grimm Troupe DLC, you may acquire a Charm Notch.

This Notch will be located inside the Grimm Troupe tent at Dirtmouth, but is only available once Troupe Master Grimm has been defeated.



Notches Notes & Tips

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