Pale Lurker

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Location East of the Colosseum of Fools
Health 200/240/290/340/400
(Nail: 0/1/2/3/4)
Drops Simple Key

Pale Lurker is an enemy in Hollow Knight. The enemies are creatures that have succumbed into The Infection and has turned them into hostile beings who are determined to kill anyone who crosses their path. Acquiring the Hunter's Journal allows The Knight to acquire additional notes on an encountered and defeated enemy such as bits and pieces of lore, information on how to deal with the enemy, and information on The Hunter.


Forgotten champion of the Colosseum, drawn away by strange obsessions.
This odd creature is unaffected by and unaware of the disease drifting through the caverns. Its madness is all its own.


Pale Lurker Location

Pale Lurker's Location in Hollow Knight is east of the Colosseum of Fools. On the right-most gate of the colosseum, there will be a breakable wall on the right which leads to the area in which you will find the Pale Lurker.


Pale Lurker Rewards

Pale Lurker Rewards: 


Pale Lurker Notes & Tips

  • The Pale Lurker is very defensive. If you get too close, she will lash out at you with an AoE attack, but if you are too far she will run off-screen.
  • To finish the fight quickly, it is recommended to attack her from mid-range with long rage attacks such as Vengeful Spirit.


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    • Anonymous

      Some trivia I found out:
      * If you cannot defeat it, you can lure out the shade before it gets locked into the arena and then quit to menu to return to a bench.
      But what I really wanted to know, coming to this page, was whether she regains her health every time she gets away. Because my nail is only upgraded without ore, and I only have dash and mantis claw, have 6 masks and very few charms. So this fight seems very hard at this level, and I came here to just know if I should keep trying or if I was reaching. I saw a few other talking about attempting it, and they were talking about using charms, spells and abilities that I don't have.

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