Pantheon of the Artist is the second Pantheon in Hollow Knight. Pantheons in Hollow Knight are the new mechanics and trials that are included in the Godmaster DLC. There will be five pantheons available upon reaching the LocationGodhome. This page covers what to do during this Pantheon Trial. Below are five of the Pantheons players can encounter in the game. 

Available Bindings: 

  • Nail: Removes Nail upgrades.
  • Shell: Lowers your health to max 4.
  • Charms: Removes Charms
  • Soul: Limits soul capacity to one use, regardless of how much capacity you have.

Pantheon of the Artist

Seek the God Inspired.  Below are the Enemies players should expect to encounter during this Pantheon before finally face the final boss of this Pantheon, Paintmaster Sheo. After each Pantheon trial before the final boss, the Godseeker will speak appear with a dialogue sequence. 

“Ahh! Will the Gods not relieve Us of this troublesome speck? How it tests Us, seeing this worm raise its filthy weapon to the Gods! Thou hast luck beyond luck, o speck! The Gods of this pantheon, for purpose beyond Our understanding, allow you amongst them. Truly, the divine punishment they must be planning for you will be beyond all reckoning. Prepare thyself! Prepare thyself!“




Paintmaster Sheo

Paintmaster Sheo is the final boss in the Pantheon of the Artist. Sheo's attacks can be evaded easily since similar to his fellow Nailmasters, Sheo needs to charge before releasing an attack and has a bit of a slow animation which allows players to predict its movements. An attack that is recommended to watch out for is Great Slash and the Lunge Attack since both have quite a long range that is enough to reach The Knight.

Sheo can be staggered which you can use to either heal or go on the offense and bombard him with attacks. Your spells can be handy in this battle since you will be dancing around the arena to try and evade Sheo's long-range attacks, spells such as Shade Soul, Abyss Shriek, and Descending Dark will allow you to deal damage in all ranges and direction Sheo tries to move around - just be sure to have Shaman Stone and Spell Twister to increase the overall effectiveness of your spells, Soul Eater is also best paired with to increase the number of SOULS replenished from landing basic attacks.

Clearing this battle will reveal your trial time. Clearing this Pantheon will unlock the Achievement: Inspiration. 

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