Pantheon of the Knight is the fourth Pantheon in Hollow Knight. Pantheons in Hollow Knight are the new mechanics and trials that are included in the Godmaster DLC. There will be five pantheons available upon reaching the LocationGodhome. This page covers what to do during this Pantheon Trial. Below are five of the Pantheons players can encounter in the game. 

Available Bindings: 

  • Nail: Removes Nail upgrades.
  • Shell: Lowers your health to max 4.
  • Charms: Removes Charms
  • Soul: Limits soul capacity to one use, regardless of how much capacity you have.

Pantheon of the Knight

This is the fourth out of five Pantheons available in Godhome. It is only accessible after beating the previous 3. There will be a tower after the three gates where the gate to the Pantheon of the Knight will be. Below are the enemies you will face before encountering this Pantheon's final boss, Pure Vessel. After each Pantheon trial before the final boss, the Godseeker will speak appear with a dialogue sequence.

Show reverence, o meagre one. Show fear! Thou approacheth a great and terrible God. Though its worldly body be bound and defiled, the glory of its pure form endures, ruler of this pantheon. Its endless power shall attune Us to the one greater still, a God of Gods! Meagre on, dost thou imagine thyself the equil of this God? Dost thou imagine thyself made in its image? Thou assume a similar shape, and the deep echo within thee seems familiar… Ahh! What thoughts are these? Thou sow blasphemies in Our mind, wretch! Begone! We pray that the God of nothingness silence thee forever!

Clearing this battle will reveal your trial time. Clearing this Pantheon will unlock the Achievement: Soul & Shade. Completing the fourth pantheon will allow players to gain access to the spade, opening up another area. Head up to reach hot springs and another opening, jump to reach the last pantheon. 

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