Pantheons in Hollow Knight are the new mechanics and trials that are included in the Godmaster DLC. There will be five pantheons available upon reaching the Location, Godhome. Below are a list of the Pantheons players can encounter in the game


Hollow Knight Pantheons


In Godhome there will be five pantheons to complete for the Godmaster DLC. Something to consider when going through the Pantheons, is that if players choose to complete them with bindings, using all bindings to complete all pantheons will unlock the Land of Storms. This is where the Weathered Mask can be obtained. The five Pantheons are as follows: 

Available Bindings: 

  • Nail: Removes Nail upgrades.
  • Shell: Lowers your health to max 4.
  • Charms: Removes Charms
  • Soul: Limits soul capacity to one use, regardless of how much capacity you have.

Once reaching the main area, head to the second platform to reach a bench before heading through the pantheons. 


Pantheon of the Master 

Seek the Gods of Nail and Shell. Walk through to the first gate and this will take you to the pantheon of the master, a Boss rush feature before finally meeting Godseeker. Below are the enemies you will encounter before meeting the Godseekers and facing the final Bosses Nailmaster Oro and Mato. After each Pantheon trial before the final boss, the Godseeker will speak appear with a dialogue sequence. 

“Why hast thou crept into this pantheon, o meagre one? The noise of thine wriggling creates much discord, drowning out the godly resonances we attune Ourselves to. Dost thou mean to thwart our sacred goal? Dost envy drive thou to such madness? We pray that the Gods of this Kingdom punish thee, obliterate thee, utterly destroy thee!”

Clearing this battle will reveal the Hall of Gods and provide your trial time. Clearing this Pantheon will unlock the Achievement: Brotherhood.

Brothers Oro and Mato

Brothers Oro and Mato are the Final Bosses of the Pantheon of the Master. Once you start the battle, you'll first face off with Oro - Oro fights with three of his attacks, the Double Slash, Leap Attack, and his signature Nail Art: Dash Slash. Fighting Oro alone is quite easy since you can dodge most of his attacks and you can predict where he will land whenever he performs the leap attack. Just be careful of his Dash Slash because this attack allows him to dash towards The Knight where he covers most of the arena, so always remember to time your jumps or dash/phase through him.

After dealing with 400 damage, Mato jumps in the arena and fights alongside his brother. This is where it gets tricky, Mato's attacks are similar to Oro, the only difference is that Mato uses his own signature move, Cyclone Slash, and has a shorter cooldown allowing him to quickly recover and telegraph another attack. Another thing to take note off is that they also fight defensively where they block The Knight's basic attacks with their Nail.

Timing your dodges and attacks will be a bit easy for you since most of their attacks require them to charge for a brief moment. If they perform their Nail Art attack, they have about a second before they actually release the attack. If they try to jump for a leap attack, they stop midair allowing you to predict where they will land and also giving you the window to dodge or perfect your spacing to dodge and attack at the same time.

Being aggressive here is also a fun tactic since the brothers tend to stick to each other, you can spam them with your Spells by using Shade Soul or Vengeful Spirit allowing you to attack both of them. If they try to leap into the air an assurance of landing damage can be dealt with by using Abyss Shriek or Howling Wraiths - just be mindful that if you plan on using your Spells more often to equip Shaman Stone and Spell Twister to increase the effectiveness of your spells.

At some point, there will be moments in the battle where you get cornered and the only way to dodge is to dash. If you have the Shade Cloak or Mothwing Cloak ability, be sure to have Sharp Shadow equipped so that you can deal damage and evade at the same time.


The next Challenge gate will be directly next to the Pantheon of the Master.


Pantheon of the Artist

Seek the God Inspired.  Below are the Enemies players should expect to encounter during this Pantheon before finally face the final boss of this Pantheon, Paintmaster Sheo. After each Pantheon trial before the final boss, the Godseeker will speak appear with a dialogue sequence. 

“Ahh! Will the Gods not relieve Us of this troublesome speck? How it tests Us, seeing this worm raise its filthy weapon to the Gods! Thou hast luck beyond luck, o speck! The Gods of this pantheon, for purpose beyond Our understanding, allow you amongst them. Truly, the divine punishment they must be planning for you will be beyond all reckoning. Prepare thyself! Prepare thyself!“




Paintmaster Sheo

Paintmaster Sheo is the final boss in the Pantheon of the Artist. Sheo's attacks can be evaded easily since similar to his fellow Nailmasters, Sheo needs to charge before releasing an attack and has a bit of a slow animation which allows players to predict its movements. An attack that is recommended to watch out for is Great Slash and the Lunge Attack since both have quite a long range that is enough to reach The Knight.

Sheo can be staggered which you can use to either heal or go on the offense and bombard him with attacks. Your spells can be handy in this battle since you will be dancing around the arena to try and evade Sheo's long-range attacks, spells such as Shade Soul, Abyss Shriek, and Descending Dark will allow you to deal damage in all ranges and direction Sheo tries to move around - just be sure to have Shaman Stone and Spell Twister to increase the overall effectiveness of your spells, Soul Eater is also best paired with to increase the number of SOULS replenished from landing basic attacks.

Clearing this battle will reveal your trial time. Clearing this Pantheon will unlock the Achievement: Inspiration.


Pantheon of the Sage

You will need to have fought all the required bosses for the third door shown on symbols upon inspecting it.  Below are the enemies you will face before encountering this Pantheon's final boss, Great Nailsage Sly. After each Pantheon trial before the final boss, the Godseeker will speak appear with a dialogue sequence.

“Thou art painfully persistent! Why dost thou defile this pantheon with thine presence? Seek ye glory, o vain one? Thou misunderstand Our purpose. Through ritual combat are We attuned to the voices of the Gods. Ever higher do they lead Us! Higher and higher and higher! Until through Godly focus do We attain communion with that great power sleeping in the Kingdom’s heart…“


Great Nailsage Sly

The Great Nailsage Sly is quite a difficult and tricky boss. Compared to the others, he is faster and has a shorter recovery rate of executing one attack after the other. Sly can be fought in Godhome and appear as the final boss in the Pantheon of the Sage. It is recommended that you rely on your Spells or Charms that provide long-range effects or buffs. So first, let's talk about the Charms.

Quick Focus is a must to have equipped since Sly will not stop and will only give you little time or an opportunity to recover your health. So having this charm can help you recover health at a faster rate. Maintaining a safe space between you and Sly will be important, so in conjunction with that, make sure to have Mark of Pride to increase the range of the Nail allowing you to strike and be safe from a distance. Quick Slash is also helpful so that you can strike at even a faster rate.

Spells, Shade Soul or Vengeful Spirit will most likely work here, Abyss Shriek or Descending Dark isn't recommended since Sly constantly dances around the arena and you'll most likely miss. The reason why Shade Soul or Vengeful Spirit can work since it can be executed fast and can guarantee that it will hit Sly. But of course, if you plan on using your spells more often than The Nail, you must have the following charms equipped that can buff the overall effectiveness of your Spells - Shaman Stone to increase the effect of the spells, Spell Twister to reduce the SOUL required whenever you cast a spell, and Soul Catcher or Soul Eater to increase the amount of SOUL gained from striking the enemy with The Nail.

Keep your distance at all times, use long-range attacks, take your time, and use the opportunity to strike Sly whenever he falls onto the ground after performing an aerial attack. 

Clearing this battle will reveal your trial time. Clearing this Pantheon will unlock the Achievement: Focus. 


Pantheon of the Knight

This is the fourth out of five Pantheons available in Godhome. It is only accessible after beating the previous 3. There will be a tower after the three gates where the gate to the Pantheon of the Knight will be. Below are the enemies you will face before encountering this Pantheon's final boss, Pure Vessel. After each Pantheon trial before the final boss, the Godseeker will speak appear with a dialogue sequence.

Show reverence, o meagre one. Show fear! Thou approacheth a great and terrible God. Though its worldly body be bound and defiled, the glory of its pure form endures, ruler of this pantheon. Its endless power shall attune Us to the one greater still, a God of Gods! Meagre on, dost thou imagine thyself the equil of this God? Dost thou imagine thyself made in its image? Thou assume a similar shape, and the deep echo within thee seems familiar… Ahh! What thoughts are these? Thou sow blasphemies in Our mind, wretch! Begone! We pray that the God of nothingness silence thee forever!

Clearing this battle will reveal your trial time. Clearing this Pantheon will unlock the Achievement: Soul & Shade. Completing the fourth pantheon will allow players to gain access to the spade, opening up another area. Head up to reach hot springs and another opening, jump to reach the last pantheon. 


Pantheon of Hallownest

This is the final pantheon out of five Pantheons available in Godhome. It is only accessible after beating the previous 4. This time you will be facing 42 bosses faced during previous boss rushes during the boss rush. Below are the enemies you will face before encountering this Pantheon's final boss once again, the Pure Vessel. 

  1. 2x Vengefly King
  2. Gruz Mother
  3. False Knight
  4. Massive Moss Charger
  5. Hornet (Boss)
  6. Gorb
  7. Dung Defender
  8. Soul Warrior
  9. Brooding Mawlek
  10. Brothers Oro and Mato
  11. Xero
  12. Crystal Guardian
  13. Soul Master
  14. Oblobble
  15. Mantis Lords
  16. Marmu
  17. Flukemarm
  18. Broken Vessel
  19. Galien
  20. Paintmaster Sheo
  21. Hive Knight
  22. Elder Hu
  23. The Collector
  24. God Tamer
  25. Troupe Master Grimm (Boss)
  26. Watcher Knight
  27. Uumuu
  28. Nosk
  29. Great Nailsage Sly
  30. Hornet (Boss)
  31. Enraged Guardian
  32. Lost Kin
  33. No Eyes
  34. Traitor Lord
  35. White Defender
  36. Soul Tyrant
  37. Markoth
  38. Grey Prince Zote
  39. Failed Champion
  40. Nightmare King Grimm
  41. Pure Vessel


There will be two possible outcomes and endings to the Godmaster update. One is unlocked by completing all five pantheons and the other is unlocked by delivering the Delicate Flower to Godseeker. This is done before the pantheons are completed to initiate the next dialogue sequence in this ending: 

An offering? Yes. The Crawler makes an offering to Us. Rare bloom, tiny and pure. No God, though. No godliness. But Still… What does Crawler as for in return? To touch? Our thick, gleaming hide? See the exquisite face beneath Our mask? Such strange prayers! No. No! Crawler presumes too much. The gift is Ours. Kept by Us. But Our Mysteries will be preserved


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