Pleasure House

Main Location City of Tears

Pleasure House is a Sub-Area Location in Hollow Knight. Pleasure House can be found within the City of Tears. The various locations and sub-areas of the forgotten kingdom of Hallownest feature a variety of objectives, quests, and secrets that need to be uncovered, as well as NPCs and hostile characters that are encountered through your journey.


Pleasure House Information

  • Pleasure House can be found within the City of Tears
  • The Pleasure House is a sub-area located in the City of Tears which requires a Simple Key in order to unlock it. Players can find a hot spring that was used as a theatre where Songstress Marissa sang for the audience. You can still find her spirit on the stage.
  • There are 5 floors here. Near the Hot Spring is a bench, as well as Millibelle the Banker. If you deposit money at her "bank", she will run away with your Geo.
  • There is a breakable wall beside the resting Bench that allows access from the lift to the Resting Grounds.


Items Found in Pleasure House


Characters in Pleasure House


Enemies and Bosses in Pleasure House

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Pleasure House Notes, Trivia and Notable Loot

  • Other notes, tips, and trivia.


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