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 A life force that animates most beings found within Hallownest.

SOUL is a Stat of The Knight in Hollow Knight. It's represented by a round meter called next to your health masks. Initially the meter is empty, but you will notice it being filled up with white liquid each time you hit an enemy with the Nail. SOUL can be used to heal or cast spells. The maximum amount of SOUL the main meter can hold is 99, but it can upgraded with Vessel Fragments. The amount will be reduced to 66 when you die, but it can be restored to normal once you kill a Shade.


SOUL Usage

  • SOUL is used to cast spells to deal damage to enemies, or focus to heal yourself.
  • You'll see the meter flashing briefly along with a sound effect when enough SOUL has been gathered for a spell.
  • Using Focus or casting Spells will cost 33 SOUL. This amount can be reduced with Spell Twister.


How to Acquire SOUL

There are several ways to acquire SOUL in Hollow Knight, but the primary way is by attacking enemies with your Nail.

  • Attacking an enemy can gain you 11 SOUL per hit.
  • You can gain 14 SOUL per hit if you have the Soul Catcher charm equipped.
  • You can gain 19 SOUL per hit if you have the Soul Eater charm equipped.
  • Using the Dream Nail on enemies will let you gain 33 SOUL per hit. Equipping the Dream Wielder charm will double it, gaining 66 SOUL per hit.

You can also find Soul Totems throughout Hallownest. They are statues that glow when you go near them. If you hit the totem with your Nail, it will release orbs of energy that you will absorb. Each hit generates 16 to 18 SOUL.

  • If you hit the Soul Totem several times, it will stop glowing and giving you SOUL. It will recharge once you rest at a Bench.
  • There are two standard sizes for the Soul Totem: a Small and a Large one. Their appearance varies throughout the game.
  • You can hit a Small Soul Totem 3 times and it can give you 48 to 54 SOUL.
  • You can hit a Large Soul Totem 5 times and it can give you 80 to 90 SOUL.

Soul Caches are glass jars containing the same energy orbs as Soul Totems, but they can only be hit once before shattering.

  • Soul Caches can be found in the Soul Sanctum located within the City of Tears.
  • Shattering a Soul Cache can grant you 20, 22, or 24 SOUL.
  • Two Soul Caches can be found in the lighthouse located within The Abyss.

Soul Vessels are additional storage for SOUL. These are represented with small circles beside the main SOUL meter. After you've crafted a Soul Vessel, it can be used to catch more SOUL on top of your filled main meter.

  • You can acquire a total of 3 Soul Vessels throughout the game, and these can be crafted by collecting Vessel Fragments.
  • 3 Vessel Fragments are required in order to craft one Soul Vessel.
  • Each Soul Vessel can contain 33 SOUL, meaning that with all three you will have a maximum of 132 SOUL.
  • Soul Vessels transfer their SOUL to the main meter  when it is not full and when SOUL is not being used.
  • After filling up the main meter, the Nail provides the Soul Vessels with 6 SOUL per hit.
  • Equipping the Soul Catcher will increase this to 8 SOUL per hit.
  • Equipping the Soul Eater will increase this to 12 SOUL per hit.
  • The effects stack if both Soul Catcher and Soul Eater are equipped, granting you 14 SOUL per hit.

Other Ways to Acquire SOUL

  • Standing in the Hot Spring will grant you 50 SOUL per second. Hot springs can sometimes be found near benches, as well as in Godhome.
  • Equipping the Grubsong charm will grant you 15 SOUL every time you receive damage from any source.
  • Equipping both Grubsong and Grubberfly's Elegy charm will grant you 25 SOUL every time you get damaged.
  • Having both Grubsong and Weaversong equipped will grant you 3 SOUL whenever the weaverling hits an enemy.
  • Having the Kingsoul charm equipped will grant you 4 SOUL every 2 seconds.
  • Gaining Salubra's Blessing will grant you 50 SOUL per second when you rest at a Bench.


SOUL Notes & Tips

  • Use the Spell Twister charm to reduce the cost of casting spells from 33 to 24.
  • The Charms Soul Catcher and Soul Eater stack their bonuses of SOUL per hit, meaning if you have them both equipped, you can gain 22 SOUL per hit.
  • There are several unique Soul Totems that grant unlimited SOUL scattered throughout the Path of Pain which can be located within the White Palace.






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